Sanctuary Review – Fugue (the musical)

By | Posted on 26 November 2011

Was it Glee or was it broadway? No it was Sanctuary. This week was all about the singing as much as it was about saving Wills girlfriend. Out on a mission her and her partner discovered an egg of a creature. This egg hatched and infected Abby with a new lifeform who is changing her DNA and taking over every part of her that was human. Magnus is running out of ideas to save Abby and Will is losing patience with Magnus.

Declan comes in to sit with Will next to Abby and puts on some soft music and she wakes for the first time in days but as she is talking she is singing the words. When Declan and Will talk back, she cannot understand them. Much to Magnus’s amazement it appears she can only understand the tone of sung words right now, not spoken. This leads to emotional, and admittedly sometimes funny moments during the episode, most especially Magnus yelling at the other Sanctuary heads.

Magnus has a last ditch effort to cure Abby but its very risky and could kill her and Will doesnt want Magnus to do it. But Magnus is use to getting her way and locks Will up so she can do it without him. Will manages to break out with the help of Abbys partner and runs to stop Magnus. When he gets there he sees the worm break out of Abbys stomach and Magnus rushes to save her.  In the end, Magnus manages to save her but Will is still not happy with Magnus. Magnus reminds Will the reason she hired him was for the very fact that he doesnt compromise in what he believes to be right and that defiance is the very thing she was looking for in her protegé.

The singing was a bit awkward at first but turned into a witty and emotional addition to the episode. Everyone who sung did killer jobs with the vocals. Everyone has a great singing voices. Great work to all of you.

2 Cool episode facts

1. On the scene when we first see Henry, on the wall is a law firm called Kindler, Tapping and Wood. Those also happen to be the names of the three show producers, nice placement ;)

2. The title of the episode has dual meanings that tie into the show itself. Its both a musical technique and a state of lost awareness. So great work to the writers on the title choice.

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  • bobbyS

    ugh, just watched the first half.  had to turn it off and delete.  who wrote those terrible monotonic “songs”?

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