Sanctuary Review – Homecoming

By | Posted on 13 November 2011

This week our story splits the team up, Will is in Libera and Magnus and Henry deal with a fighting pair of bats?

Its Wills birthday and he is in Libera trying to help the sanctuary there get cash so they can bribe the new government in that country and keep the sanctuary going. While riding his motorbike, he stops to help someone who appears to be having car trouble. He is hit in the back of the head with a brick and robbed. The sanctuary head there finds him eventually but Will cannot see. He was hit so hard, he had detached retinas. Will is brought to a house to lay back and not move his head while waiting for his retina to heal. His friend leaves him with some drugs and says he will be back once he makes sure his family is safe from all the fighting. During Wills time going in and out of being awake, we see flash backs of his childhood. We start with him 1 year after his mothers death and work our way forward to college. Will has always been at odds with his father who was a gambler and never kept his promises to Will. We see Will confront him about a shady business deal he is about to do and Will wants no part of it.

Meanwhile, Magnus and Henry get roped into a series of deals gone bad and banter between 2 love bats, yes i said bats not birds. These 2 abnormals attempt to scam Magnus to steal weapons for a transaction taking place later that night. They claim a shipment of red-list abnormals is coming in and they want to stop it. Magnus doesnt trust them and insists on going while they wait in the car to secure the shipment. When they arrive, they meet some resistance, after which Magnus confirms that the shipment does in fact have red-list abnormals on it. Perhaps these 2 can be trusted? Nope, Magnus catches them with a bag of diamonds from the shipment.

Their next claim is they need this for money to buy black market weapons. Henry does some digging and finds out SKU is shipping in some abnormal killing weapon prototypes and when they arrive, they find the dealer dead and SKU pulls up. Magnus and Henry take them out, only to find their 2 friends flew off with the weapons. Magnus has been lied to for the last time and tracks them down, taking the weapons back. They plead saying they need them to trade for some orphans. They claim a black market trader is trading in abnormal kids and Magnus at this point no longer trusts them and walks away with their only hope of saving those kids. They may think Magnus has no heart, but she convinces Henry to keep digging to see if what they said is true. Henry finds out, they were not lieing and go to help the 2 bats. Magnus arrives on time to get the bad guys and free the 4 children, young bats themselves.

This weeks episode was directed by Robin Dunne and was an emotional story told from 2 sides. 1 was Wills showing his past and trauma throughout his childhood starting with the death of his mother at the hands of an abnormal and ending with his anything but normal relationship with his father. We watch Magnus and her struggle to set aside her normal “face value” approach to everyone, and lack of general trust. This struggle ends up showing her that they could be putting their very goal, protecting abnormals, at risk because she no longer trusts anyone. All in all a very good episode this week and a great job by Mr. Dunne.


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