Falling Skies: Pope and The Beserkers First Look

By | Posted on 23 April 2012

The 3 months between season 1 and season 2 may seem quiet to us, but for the 2nd mass, things could not be any worse. While we wait for season 2, we get our first look at a band of misfits run by John Pope (Colin Cunningham) called The Beserkers. We know Tom is missing and Hal is running a small group of men that include Jimmy, Sarah and Ben.

Just last week the first part of a new comic series The Battle Of Fitchburg was released and we got a better look at what Dai, Ben and Hal have been up to and find out the aliens are pushing back against the 2nd mass. Of course Pope enjoys nothing more then killing himself some cooties and he doesn’t waste any time getting a band of convicts together to help them do just that. Checkout this Behind the scenes look at Popes new friends thanks to MTV Geek.

Starting this week, TNT has also started a podcast, featuring Pope himself, to go hand in hand with the bi-weekly release of the comic from Dark Horse. Here is the official Synopsis:

In the three months between seasons one and two of Falling Skies, the 2nd Mass has evolved, and a large part of this evolution happened during The Battle of Fitchburg. The Falling Skies digital comic, which launched yesterday, tells the story of this battle where leaders are born and unlikely heroes emerge.

TNT has created the new Falling Skies Podcast that will serve as a companion piece to each chapter of the digital comic from the point of view of renegade leader John Pope (Colin Cunningham). Pope causes a lot of waves during the Battle of Fitchburg and also forms the band of outlaw brothers nicknamed “The Berserkers,” who also star in this seven-episode podcast series. These podcasts tell their side of the story, and the first premieres on Monday.

Listen to the first podcast here. This group started by Pope includes Tector (Ryan Robbins, Sanctuary), Lyle and Crazy Lee (Luciana Carro, BSG). Even without Tom to invoke our history, Colin comments that the group and its people are based on factual people of the past, as is their group name. Its one sticking point that TNT has always made sure was followed throughout the series, the history. Don’t miss the next 8 pages of the Battle Of Fitchburg Comic coming out May 2nd.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.drummey Matthew Drummey

    Not sure I’d call them ‘fearless’ and I really don’t see the point of a splinter group within the 2nd Mass – If humans are going to win this war they need to stick together not break off into separate little groups and operate independently (I don’t see Pope asking permission to go and do something with his people – Even if he did chances are he wouldn’t listen if his request was denied).

    As for the members of this group they should probably understand that with 1 exception every single member of Pope’s last group is D-E-A-D and for a good reason Pope may technically be a good guy but his methods are sometimes just stupid and dangerous.

    That being said as long as Weaver is able to exercise control over them and they don’t get the 2nd Mass killed and Pope doesn’t try to assume full control over everyone else then I’ll let them be. 

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