Syfy’s Dream Machines Turns Imagination Into Transportation

By | Posted on 24 April 2012

We see a lot of really cool vehicles in the movies, on TV and in comic books.  Usually they’re nothing more than imaginative designs put down on paper or simulated through CGI, but Syfy’s Dream Machines is changing all that.

Utilizing the incredible imagination and engineering skills of the Parker Brothers and their talented team, each week Dream Machines will bring to life new and unique machines that shatter the barrier between fantasy and reality.  Dream Machines premiered Tuesday, April 10 and can be seen each Tuesday at 10/9C only on Syfy.


Check out Meet the Parkers, a quick promo for this truly imaginative show.


In this next short promotional video entitled Just the Beginning we get a glimpse of what the first episode will be about and a taste of what’s to come.  It looks like the Parker Brothers are going to build some really wild stuff.


And finally we have Attack of the Pink and Green Machines in which the Parker Brothers tackle making an adult-sized, motorized Big Wheel.  Many of the projects featured are for clients who request something they’d like, but this build is personal and looks like it’s going to be a whole lot of fun.

For these and more videos about Dream Machines plus full episodes, visit Syfy’s Dream Machines site.

Be sure to visit the Dream Machines Facebook Page.

To stay abreast of up to the minute developments on Syfy, follow them on their Syfy Twitter feed.

Remember, new episodes of Dream Machines air Tuesday at 10/9C only on Syfy.

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