Angel & Faith #11 – Sneak Review

By | Posted on 22 June 2012

** The following review while careful not to reveal any actual spoilers from this issue, it does tease the reader with hints as well as spoilers from issues past. Please feel free to purchase this issue  on 06/27/2012 **


Aptly named “Family Reunion” the first issue of this new arc has the wonderfully familiar feel of the Angel television series. It kicks off with the return of Willow, and will be bringing into play the return of other familiar characters that promise the start of an action packed journey also right along that same vein of the Angel television series.

I always love when Dark Horse’s arcs remind us of the original Buffy and Angel tv shows because it shows us how big of fans the teams behind these arcs are themselves. I think the only way to fairly adapt such amazing characters and continuity is to definitely be a fan first.

This is a very emotional issue for each Willow and Angel in their own rights. Despite Willow continuously attempting to bring up the consequences of destroying the Seed, Buffy was determined not to listen. As such all of those feelings Willow had been previously been holding back out of regards to Buffy come pouring out now in London with Angel and Faith.

There are serious consequences at work here, confirmed in this issue by others and not just Willow. Zompires are only the outer surface of a wound that goes much deeper into the fabric of both the universe and every day life.

Angel on the other hand must deal with familiar issues that he had been trying to avoid, and will have plenty of time to do so over this arc. Beyond the success of the mission, I also really hope this little adventure ends on a happy note for Angel, he could really use it now.

There is also a deeper delving into how magic can be accessed in a world without magic via the classic concept of magical residue. Gage is doing a great job handling this mythos, and Issacs really brought the ritual to life. I am really looking forward to seeing where they take the ascetics and mythos over this new arc.

Despite these serious and deeper themes, like with the series so far and again reminiscent of the Angel television series, this is a very funny issue. I found both the drawer and hoodie bit hilarious.


With all this fun and action amongst so many familiar faces and the promise of most certain and impending danger I seriously can’t wait for the next issue! -N





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