Falling Skies Fan Exclusive: New promo with never-before-seen footage

By | Posted on 12 June 2012

Season 2 is just 5 days away and a new promo has been released giving us even more to talk about. I am sure this promo will start a lot of discussion so start talking below!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kolanf Kolan Foley

     I  too thought the Karen /Ben scene was creepy as heck!!! And while I want to see her reabilitaed for the side of good…..yikes! she makes a creepy villian!  And I hope Ben is able to stand strong! I don’t want to see him fall to the aliens!   I still believe that while the process is still going on (even tho the harness was removed) I do think the fact that the harness itself was removed WILL make somekind of difference – hopefully in the fact that it will allow him to fight the mind controlling effects and to be his own person.  
      I am also sooo 
    Curious  as to why Ben and Rick seem to be affected differently by the harness and why the aliens rejected Rick but seem to want Ben badly!   What is making Ben so different?? Is it the fact that it seems he can indeed fight the effects of the harness?  Is that the “Resistence” the aliens didnt expect in the last episode of the first season? ? 
    ……………..so many questions!!!   I just can’t wait till Season 2 starts!!!!  Oh and sorry about the bad spelling :)  Kolan

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