Falling Skies Preview – Compass: Where should they go?

By | Posted on 23 June 2012

This sunday the 2nd mass will get an unexpected visitor and its not who you think. A visitor in a plane comes to the 2nd mass and tells them there is hope in a direction the 2nd mass was not intending to go. They must make a decision whether they trust this new visitor or if this might turn into another ‘sanctuary’. Compass is a fitting title which tells us the 2nd mass is seeking direction, a compass, pointing them emotionally, morally and physically to the right direction. You will find people struggling with each of those things: emotion, morality and fear.

Meanwhile, Pope’s distrust of Toms return grows and he hatches a plan with the Berserkers to get rid of Tom once and for all. Pope and others feel Tom is dangerous and that the aliens only let him go to track the 2nd mass. Last week we saw that our red-eyed skitter friends as indeed tracking the 2nd mass but he never made a move on them or sent mechs to attack. The question is why?

An interview done by TVLine with show runner Remi Aubuchon talks a little bit about our new skitter friend.

Red-Eye will be a very integral part of the storytelling this season,” showrunner Remi Aubuchon tells TVLine. “What his involvement is and who he is will remain a mystery for quite some time, and we’ll never be quite sure of him. But as we saw, he is following [the 2nd Mass] for some reason.”

This week we saw in the preview video above that our red-eyed friend has a thing for Ben, and the look on Bens face tells us, even he is shocked by what is going on. Just what the aliens intent is with Tom and Ben is unclear, but what is clear is the aliens have taken a keen interest in Tom and Ben, and that could only unfold the greater mystery of why the aliens are taking our children and for what purpose.

What do you think of the new skitters intents? What do you think the purpose of the parasite was and why it is following the 2nd mass so closely?

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