Comic Con News: Moon Bloodgood, Jessy Schram and Colin Cunningham talk Falling Skies

By | Posted on 17 July 2012


At Comic Con we chatted with Moon Bloodgood, Jessy Schram and Colin Cunningham about Falling Skies and how their characters are progressing. Moon describes Anne and Tom’s relationships as an ‘adult’ one when compared to the younger cast. With their relationship there is less drama and more adult behavior.

Jessy’s character has become a face of the aliens and what they are doing to our children. She is the voice box for an overlord, not something just any harnessed kid gets to do, and that makes her especially useful to the aliens because she was also a member of the 2nd mass. They use this to get key intel on a claimed ‘skitter rebellion’, even using Karen to pry information from Pope asking where Ben was. The aliens believe Ben may be in close with the rebel leader and will have key intel for them.

We know the aliens would stop at nothing to get their way, but this was more horror filled then expected. Dozens of kids, killed and deharnessed along with Karen in order to trick the 2nd mass into thinking Karen was dumped with the rest of them, only she survives it. Karen plays Hal against Ben, pushing him to the edge after everything that happen with red eye and him being exposed to the 2nd mass. After doing that, she tears down Bens defenses and gets him to trust her and feel as if she is the only person that understands him.

Pope is back and again has already caused some trouble. Its not clear if he gave up intel on Ben and Tom but my guess is he did. Pope is in it only for himself and for Karen to be found so close to the 2nd mass camp, Pope had to give them some idea of where Ben was. Its no secret that Pope has a hatred for Ben. Tom he respects and understands but Ben, the half-breed lizard boy, he cannot stand and would put a bullet in him if he could get the chance.

Listen as each talk about what is to come on Falling Skies.

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  • MickCosgrove01

    What more can you say. Awesome show. Awesome actors. Awesome crew….Everything is awesome. Rock on 2nd Mass!!

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