Exclusive Interview: Colin Cunningham spills on Pope’s return and acting

By | Posted on 09 July 2012

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Pope is a fan favorite character and over the past 2 weeks, fans have been wondering, where did Pope go? We had a chance to chat with Colin about Pope, his characters feelings towards members the 2nd mass and indie projects he is currently working on.

Although he considers Vancouver, B.C. home, Colin Cunningham was raised in Los Angeles, California, with an older sister and younger brother. He traveled extensively in his late teens while trying to figure out what to do with his life. He first took to the stage when dared by a friend, and then as an accomplished theater actor, he gained critical praise in the early 1990s in Eugène Ionesco’s “Exit the King” and the play “Before Eva”, among others.

After leaving Los Angeles in 1993 and relocating to Vancouver, Canada, Colin attended Vancouver Film School. Since then, he’s written, produced and starred in his own film, the highly acclaimed, award-winning Zacharia Farted (1998) and has worked consistently in both television and film. Colin is also a musician and plays the saxophone professionally, as well as the guitar.

In addition to “Falling Skies,” Cunningham can be seen recurring on the CBS series “Flashpoint.” He also recently landed a role on the TNT pilot “Perception” alongside Rachael Leigh Cook and Eric McCormack, which he filmed in 2010. Cunningham has been a series lead on the shows “The Collector” [Chum TV], on the critically acclaimed series “Da Vinci’s Inquest” [CBC], and is currently co starring in the comedy “Living in Your Car” for HBO Canada. On film, Cunningham has been pursed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Sixth Day [Columbia Pictures], and put his life on the line for Jennifer Garner in Elektra [20th Century Fox]. He has also appeared in multiple indie favorites, including comedic turns in Best In Show [Warner Bros.] and Breakfast With Scott [Regent Releasing].

How has having the “Beserkers” under his leadership changed Pope? Last year, he was mostly a lone wolf rebel.

Not too much. I think the Berzerkers are a bit of a pet project for Pope. Something to keep him from getting bored. They’re also pretty fierce fighters. Crazies, like himself. So I think with the Berzerkers, John Pope feels a little more ‘at home’.

In Popes most recent journal entry, his distain for Ben is at its height. Will Ben and Pope have a confrontation at some point this season?

Wow. How cool would that be, huh? Except that the ultimate conflict and bigger picture will always be with Mason. There’s something personal there. A connection of sorts. I think Pope is fascinated by Tom. There’s a respect there. Not that Tom has all that much respect for Pope, but I think Pope does respect Tom.

Why do you think Pope was so uncaring about Jimmys death? Or was it more of a front for him?

It certainly came off looking like that didn’t it? But, no. Pope liked Jimmy. And watched out for him. And the real reason that Pope took the compass, wasn’t because he wanted a silly compass. It was because he couldn’t stomach the thought of Ben getting it. As far as Pope was concerned… Ben murdered Jimmy. He’d already taken the boy’s life, but Pope would have been damned to let Ben keep it as a trophy.

Anthony and Pope have a growing relationship. Did you find that strange? Does this relationship Grow?

That’s one of the things that I love about Falling Skies. The writing is really wonderful and you never really know where things are going to go. But Mpho is a blast to act with and when you think of how those two characters started out, and the animosity between the two, it’s an interesting pairing.

Pope and Tom have their first fist fight. So in your professional opinion?..who won that fight ?

Oh my God. Are you kidding. Looked pretty damn obvious to me. Pope kicked Tom Mason’s ass!!! :-)

How much fun was it to get on some cool harley bikes this season?

A total blast. I’ve been riding motorcycles all my life, but never actually ridden a Harley Davidson. And not just a Harley, but a incredibly ‘low tech’ one from the 60′s. The thing weighs a ton and you need the length of a football field to stop it. Add to that ice, rain and tons of rubble to navigate, and it was freaking scary.

With Popes departure, many are left to wonder?..when will we see him again and where?

Well, of course you will. But I don’t want to give anything away. The show is different this year and I just want it to unfold as it does. But, yes… Pope will return, but it won’t be voluntary.

Shooting of a new indie film Rabid Love, which you are in, has finished up. What can you tell us about this project and when might it be released?

That’s my good friend and brother in arms Paul Porter. RABID LOVE is a good ol’ fashioned ‘horror flick’. The great fun in being an actor is of course in playing make-believe. The great thing about being a ‘successful’ actor, is that your name can sometimes help get a project off the ground or at least help bring some attention to it. I’ve been blessed to work on some pretty cool movies and tv shows. From high caliber/well paid gigs… to student films shot in their mother’s basement. It’s all part of staying alive in this business.

As an actor, you have played a widely diverse group of rolls from nerdy, military to bad ass criminal. What type of character do you enjoy playing the most?

That would be the ‘next one’. But, I will say that right now, they don’t get much better than John Pope. And not so much because of the part as written, but because of the other actors I’m working with. The brilliant directors, producers and network that get behind it. Working with Noah is just such a treat. All of them.

Do you remember the capital of Bismarck?

South Dakota?

Comic Con is coming up in just this week, Do you enjoy doing these panels and do you visit other booths at the convention during your visit?

I love them. And I’m really looking forward to meeting the fans. The show has really attracted a solid fan base now and it’s such a blast to see them.

If you want to check out Rabid love, visit their official site.

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