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What do you get when you mix a Werewolf, Vampire and a ghost?  I know it sounds like a tag-line to a bad joke, but let me tell you that Being Human is far from a bad joke.  It is  Sy-Fy Channel’s ever popular supernatural drama, and it is appealing because of its characters, humor and its dark undertone.

It is an adaptation of a BBC’s show of the same name and nature. The BBC show will be airing its fifth season in 2013 and we can only hope that the U.S. show can do as well.

In season one we were introduced to Josh, our loveable werewolf, and Aidan, the dark vampire. Josh is a socially awkward hospital worker and Aiden is the smooth talking, handsome nurse. They decided to get a place together so they can look out for each other while they try to blend in and make a normal life for themselves among humans.

They rent a house from a man name Danny and not long after moving in they discovered Sally, the resident ghost with amnesia. She was Danny’s fiancée and had died in the house. The boys can see and talk to her because of their un-humanness.

The three find a way to live together and they become their own little family, but not a family without problems.

Sally finds out how she died; by the hands of her quick tempered fiancée as he pushed her down the stairs, and when she finds out that he is dating her best friend and is hurting her the same way as he hurt Sally she becomes vengeful. She learns how to use her poltergeist power and begins to torment Danny. During the course of the season she gets exercised and learns she can interact with inanimate objects when her concentration is there.

Josh runs into his sister that he hasn’t seen in two years. His family doesn’t know about his transformation, because once he found out what he was he left his fiancée and family and fled. Emily worms her way back into his life, but that too is not without complications when he almost harms her in one of his changes. He also meets a woman name Nora and his human side cannot resist getting involved with her and eventually she gets pregnant and finds out what he really is. He also meets Ray and learns that Ray is his maker and that he has returned in hopes that he and Josh can form a pack. He is forever alone and that is no way to live.

Aidan is trying to be lured back into his old family. A clan of vampires led by his maker Bishop. Bishop makes a living as a cop, but really he is the head of the vampires in Boston. He is cunning and clever and he is trying to get Aidan, who once use to be one of the most ruthless vampires around, to join the ranks again. Aidan continues to refuse, standing fast to his decision of being as normal as he can, but sometimes temptation is just too much and we witness him make a couple of foolish decisions. The season winds down with Aidan and Bishop in a fight to the death with Aidan coming out on top.

Season Two gives us even more twists and turns as the characters and storylines develop.

Sally, meets a Reaper who tries to convince her to take over for him. He takes her around and shows her how to shred people. Some of these include spirits she befriended during the first season. Finally she is sent into a cationic state and the Reaper shows her a better, living, life in her head as he tries to take over. Josh and Aidan have to recruit Zoe, a physic that hates Sally because Sally shredded her ghostly boyfriend, to help bring her back to them. When she awakes she learns that she was the one shredding the other spirits not the Reaper and she tries to make up for it.

Josh and Nora try to make it work after she learns of him being a wolf and has a miscarriage. We eventually learn that during the night she found out what he is she was scratched and she is now a wolf as well. The difference between the two is that she likes being the wolf and gives in to her urges. She eventually leaves. Josh, who is desperately trying to find a cure for his ailment, meets a brother sister wolf pair. They convince him that they want a cure too, but in reality they want him to find a cure to allow them to stay a wolf always instead of changing back into a human. Needless to say this storyline doesn’t end well. Josh also reunites with his ex-fiancée and the day he tries to tell he what he really is and why he left her the first time around an eclipse hits and he begins to change right before her eyes. He tries to run away but she catches up to him and seeing him start to change scares her so much she backs into a oncoming car. The two are able to say good-bye before her spirit moves on. Finally Nora shows up again telling Josh she learned of a way to break the curse and they could both be free. The remedy is to kill Ray, his maker, and then everyone from his bloodline would be cured.

Aidan has other issues. He is propositioned, by Mother; the oldest and most powerful vampire, to run Boston but he refuses. So she brings her daughter back from her punishment, which was being buried underground for centuries, to lead Boston and makes it so that Aidan doesn’t have any choice but to help her rein in the rogue vampires and get Boston back under control. If he does this she will grant his freedom from the clan. Suren, Mother’s daughter, and Aidan go way back. They were once lovers and it doesn’t take them long to fall back into that routine. When their love becomes all too important and Aidan realizes that he can’t leave the vampire life and be with Suren they decided to betray Mother. This leads to Suren’s death and Aidan’s punishment.

Season Two left us in wonderment with Ray above Josh ready to kill him and Nora showing up with her own weapons. The camera pans outside of the cabin and all we hear is a gunshot. We watch as Mother has Aidan buried and Sally’s voice can be heard through their house radio calling for help.

What can we expect from season 3? Frankly I think anything can happen. The actors, at comic-con, said that the show has done a time jump, but other than that I can only hope they conclude the three cliffhangers in a nice, neat package for us.

I for one am real eager to see these three talented actors back on my T.V. screen. New episodes will begin to air in 2013. Until then here is a clip from last season’s season finale:

Jennifer Rux

Jennifer (Jen) is a military brat that has lived all over. From being born in Japan to living in England and Germany as well as many places in the US she has learned about different cultures and people. Her guilty pleasures are Horror and sci-fi. By day she bills for a hospital and at night she tries her hand at writing a novel, watching T.V. and reading a great deal.

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    Loved Season 1 and need to catch up with Season 2!

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