Interview: Peter Shinkoda Shares ‘Falling Skies’ Secrets Part 1

By | Posted on 04 August 2012

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Our good friend and Falling Skies cast member Peter Shinkoda, sat down with us and discussed Falling Skies season 2 and what lies ahead for the 2nd mass as they push forward to Charleston. During most of season 1 Dai was the right hand man for Tom and the 2nd masses most fierce fighter. That also resulted in him spending more time injured than anyone else in the group.

“Unlike Season 1, we are no longer sitting still in a nice, warm high school” Peter tells us, “I think most people lose focus on the fact that we have aliens looking to kill us if we are just sitting still in a school. The nomadic nature of the 2nd mass in season 2 also helps create a realism to the story that needs to be there”. We agree. The nature of the 2nd season is much darker and more real in that they are always on the move, in fear of what is just around the corner. In fact, moving to Vancouver which was cold, and rainy, was a challenge for some.

“The most demanding, most taxing part, is being out there in the cold. It is not an easy thing. You have 17 year old Connor Jessup, in nothing more than a t-shirt in this cold weather and he isn’t complaining. So I told everyone else to shut up”.

One of the more fun things for Peter in season 2 was the ability to break out some new weapons. In season 1, Peter was limited to a single weapon, that unlike the rest of the cast, he didn’t get to choose. This year he has been able to use a rocket launcher and the 50 cal. “Its hard to hide the big smirk on my face, because I was having so much fun. So I had to work hard to keep in character and not bust out a smile.”

Of the next episode ‘Death March’ Peter teases us on what we can expect with this episode. “All stories have ebb and flow, and some episodes are not as action packed as others, but they are needed to advance the story and bring together the story lines. This episode is a setter episode, like a spike in volleyball. “.

Many important story lines get advancement and expansion in the upcoming episode and while it may not be the most action packed, it’s an important march to the inevitable destination of Charleston where the 2nd mass will find themselves neck-deep in a battle they never expected to be a part of.

As mentioned in our podcast, Ben does return to the 2nd mass and he has an important role to play in an explosive and shocking finish to the 2nd season of Falling Skies. The writers have continued to throw us curve balls that many of us did not expect and the end of season 2 is a curve ball of unexpected and shocking proportions that will leave everyone begging for June 2013 to be around the corner.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our interview with Peter, where we discuss the final 3 episodes of season 2, which will be posted after the season 2 finale. We will also be having Peter on our Falling Skies Finale podcast Aug 19th to discuss the season.

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  • Astrid

    Ahhh! How could you tease us like that?! Having to wait until the season finale will be torture. Can’t wait! :D

  • Matthew Drummey

    Another great interview, unlike a certain interviewer I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Peter but I can honestly see him walking around set telling everyone to shut up about the cold.

    One thing caught my attention though (Well actually several things did but you can’t answer most of them I assume.) Why couldn’t Peter choose his own gun for Season 1?

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