Interview with ‘Falling Skies’ Peter Shinkoda talks season finale

By | Posted on 12 August 2012

Actor Peter Shinkoda [Falling Skies] by Dennys Ilic

Actor Peter Shinkoda [Falling Skies] by Dennys Ilic

We talked with Peter Shinkoda about the final 3 episodes of the season and in Peters words, fans are in for a real treat at the end of season 2. Death March was the slowest episode of the season but had many important story elements that were needed to move the characters and the story forward for the trip to Charleston.

“The art of story telling will emphasize the fact that the story will ebb and flow. You know something horrible is going to happen but they have a lead up to that. They  get people almost to the point where they feel safe and comfortable and thats when they spring the action, when you might least expect it”.

And that is so true. At the end of Death March, when everyone thought Charleston was a lost hope and they would have to find a new place to go, Porter and his team show up and explain that Charleston is alive and looks can be deceiving.

Now that the 2nd mass has arrived Peter tells us that Arthur won’t be the person you might think. Tonights episode finds Dai siding with Pope and his thoughts on Charleston, whether Dai shares that with anyone or not, is another story.

“Dai has to pick a side and I think while he might agree with Pope in this case, he will always be on Toms side and always support Toms decisions. I will always hold Pope in a questionable light”.

Moving into the end of the season, its been an important theme all season with regards to trust. As we hinted previously Ben does return and we asked Peter is he felt Dai trusts Ben, unlike much of the 2nd mass.

“I think there is always some reservations in Dais mind about trusting anyone. Over the months he has spent with the Masons and the 2nd mass his trust has been gained by Hal and Maggie. Maggie understands Ben was being played by everyone emotionally and psychologically and they trust him. Dai is a logical person and while he may have some reservations, Ben has never given him a reason to distrust him. Ben has never hit Dai over the head with a muffler (like Pope did). So I think that Dai will continue to trust in Ben as Maggie has and Hal is starting to.”

Of the finale Peter shared with us that fans will be “pleased, shocked and thrilled with the way the writers ended the season and setup even more mystery and story for the 3rd season”. We have seen the finale and its important that you don’t miss a thing of tonights episode or the finale.

As part of our finale coverage we will be doing a live podcast on Aug 19th starting at 10:30 pm EST with special guests from the cast including (subject to change): Brandon McLaren (Jamil), Dylan Authors (Jimmy), and more! Shannon who many of you know from Twitter who won the walk on role in the finale, will also be on. She will be on to discuss her trip in front of the camera.

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