Ruin – Animated Post Apocalyptic Short Gets Feature Pick-Up

By | Posted on 04 August 2012

A few weeks ago, while doing my usual rambling around the web for interesting stuff to keep me occupied, I came across a wonderful website called Short of the Week.  As the name implies, they feature short films each week spanning all genres and styles.  One of the more recent posts mentioned that an animated short called Ruin, by Wes Ball of Oddball Animation, had been optioned by Fox to be made into a live-action feature film.

Since I hadn’t even heard of Ruin, I had to check it out and once I did it was easy to see why it’s getting attention.  As you can see from the image above, the CGI is gorgeous.  The short is basically a snippet of what is obviously a larger story and it definitely leaves you wanting more.

Ruin opens on the overgrown cityscape shown above then focuses on our unnamed and mostly faceless (thanks to a rag covering his face) protagonist who pushes a large container out of what was once a window in a high-rise office building for a company called Haven Nanosystems.  After joining the container on the ground, he finds a device that seems to hold information about Haven’s activities from before the fall of civilization.

The discovery of this device leads to an exciting chase scene which comprises the majority of the short.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat watching this beautifully executed action sequence.  When it’s done you will undoubtedly have a plethora of questions, so knowing there will likely be a full-length movie made from this is encouraging.

I really want to know what caused the apocalypse, what information is contained on the recovered device, and who, or what, is trying to stop our hero from getting his hands on it.  Hopefully there will be more news forthcoming about the development of the full project.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, it seems Fox has a lot of faith in the concept as they bought the rights before any other studios could meet with the filmmaker.  Even better, Fox feels it has the potential to become a franchise.

Read Short of the Week’s news and check out the article on The Hollywood Reporter website.

Also do yourself a favor and visit Oddball Animation’s website where you can see Ruin and several other projects they’re working on.  If you’re really smart you’ll follow filmmaker Wes Ball on Twitter, too!

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  • Matthew Drummey

    That image at the top looks suspiciously like the shot that appears in the REVOLUTION trailer – Granted a post apocalyptic world would probably look fairly similar in the way nature would reclaim the planet but that looks almost like someone grabbed the shot from REVOLUTION and used it for this project.

    • Robert Prentice

      Yes and the sound effects from the plane and the bike are very ‘star wars’ episode 1. Its an indie project so they pull parts from things that have been done before. 

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