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By | Posted on 03 August 2012


It has been a crazy year so far and its only going to get better. Over the past year we have grown by 155% and that means we need to cover more topics for our fans and followers. For all of us at Three If By Space, writing is a passion. We enjoy sharing our thoughts on our favorite tv shows and movies. We also love sharing science fiction news.

Now that we have grown, we are looking to add more talented writers to our team that can help cover a wide range of topics in the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Paranormal genre. If you love to write and want us to consider you for our team, just take a look at the different areas we are looking for writers and send in your application.

Comic Reviewers

Comics are a great way to supplement the story of a show or be a story on its own. We have an amazing head writer for our team Nicole, who covers everything Dark Horse Comics does. We would like to expand our coverage beyond Dark Horse and we are looking for a passionate Comic junkie who loves to write about and review their favorite comics.

Game Reviewers

Everyone loves a good video game. If you are passionate about video games and want to cover them for us, send us a sample. We are looking for reviewers to cover games that fit the Science Fiction, Fantasy or Paranormal genres only.

Indie Film Projects

Some of the best and most interesting stories come from the independent writers and directors fresh off the film festival circuits. We have a great group of writers Tom and Carrie who cover indie projects and we want to grow that team by adding another person who loves indie projects.

Movie Reviewers

This has been the year for blockbuster movies, from The Hunger Games, to Avengers, SciFi and Fantasy are growing strong. While we would love to see each and every movie that comes out and review it, there are just too many and so we want people who love to see movies and review them to join our team.

TV Show Reviewers

We love Falling Skies, and it was the first show we started with on our site. As our readers will tell you, we are passionate about this show. There are so many great shows out there right now, we need more writers to cover them. Some of the shows we are looking for writers on include: Syfy’s Being Human, Lost Girl, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Supernatural and more. If you love any of those shows, or if there are other SciFi shows you love and want to share your work with us, apply!

General News Writers

Part of covering any genre is reporting the news, be it casting updates or release dates of new films. There is so much news out there, we need a host of people who love digging through the net to find interesting and exciting news about our favorite actors, shows and topics.

How To Apply

To apply email a writing sample you have previously published or posted to media at threeifbyspace DOT net along with the following:

  • Your name
  • Email Address
  • Section you are applying for
  • A small bio about yourself
  • A sample of your writing on the topic of interest

If you havnt previously posted anything, don’t worry. Choose something that you would love to write about and do a write up on it for us. While we don’t have a ton of openings, we have a lot and everyone who loves to write should apply.

Founder and managing editor for Three If By Space. A Sci-Fi Geek who loves shows like Dr. Who, BSG, Caprica, Falling Skies, Terra Nova and much more. Loves to write about anything science fiction or fantasy. His sole mission is to help increase the awareness of online media and their influence on the media world and to expose its importance to an ever changing industry.

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