Warehouse 13: Fractures Review and Recap

By | Posted on 31 August 2012

“Oh, thank god you said that. Because I was going to jump up and down and yell, ‘Hey, crazy Alice, look over here.’” ~ Claudia

Last Week in ‘No Pain, No Gain’ Pete and Myka stop a crazy fan from continuing to use her grandfather’s artifact dog tags to assist, and eventually threaten, a Hockey player in Toronto. While back at the warehouse, Steve helps Artie track down the series of artifacts stolen from the warehouse by Brother Adrian and Mrs. Frederic begins to show Claudia the destiny that awaits her as the future warehouse caretaker.

‘Fractures’ picks up where ‘No Pain, No Gain’ left off, escalating Artie’s troubles with Brother Adrian when Adrian sends Alice Laddell’s containment artifact mirror out to a thrift store in Rapid City, South Dakota, where Alice Laddell escapes as she attempts to find Artie and kill the most important people in his life. Starting with his date: warehouse doctor Vanessa Calder.

When Artie heads out for his date with Vanessa Calder, he leaves the care of the warehouse in the capable hands of Pete, Myka, Claudia and Steve, but things go awry when they find out about a possible artifact connection in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Pete and Myka find a girl, Kristen, strapped to her bed after attacking Father Mitchell at a thrift store. The Father informs them that this behavior is nothing like her, so they head in to question her and find that she is not only seemingly possessed, but also knows who they are as she calls them by name. Realizing they will be unable to get any answers out of Kristen after she attempts to break Pete’s finger, they head to the thrift store in search of the artifact and discover Alice Laddell’s mirror broken to pieces in a back room.

When they get back to the hospital, however, they find that “Alice” had tricked an orderly into loosening her straps, escaped and is now in search of something called “L’etoile.” Myka follows a blood trail out to the parking lot where they find “Alice” but soon discover that it is only Kristen, no longer possessed, and Alice is missing.

Just then, “Alice” pulls away in an ambulance after jumping bodies and possessing an EMT. Pete and Myka have Claudia track the ambulance while she finds an artifact that can extract and contain Alice since her former “container” is now broken. They find the ambulance after it crashes near a gas station and nearly catch the EMT, but she quickly uses a piece of the broken mirror to possess a driver who has just filled up and pulls away after starting a fire at the station. Pete and Myka manage to put out the flames but realize they have no choice but to call Artie and ruin his date.

Just as Artie is about to give Vanessa the special bell in honor of her childhood story, Pete calls and informs him that Alice is on the loose, looking for a place called L’etoile, the very place where Artie and Vanessa are dining. Artie notices that his waitress’ reflection in some silver is that of Alice and tells Pete to hurry. He then pushes the waitress away, knocking the knife from her hand and in the ensuing confusion pulls the fire alarm and heads outside with Vanessa.

Meanwhile after researching Lewis Carroll’s artifacts, Steve and Claudia decide the best one to use would be the hookah from Alice in Wonderland and meet up with Leena to find it. In the trap section, Leena searches one aisle while Claudia and Steve search another and discover the hookah on top of a mountain of trap artifacts. Claudia climbs to the top, but as she reaches for the hookah, she almost loses her balance and dislodges a spear. The spear lands at Steve’s feet and electrocutes him. As Leena returns to see what happened, she sees their auras swap places and realizes their connection. When she confronts Steve, she warns him about how dangerous the connection is, but he tells her they’ll talk later and leaves with Claudia to meet up with Pete, Myka and Artie.

While Claudia and Steve are on the way, Pete and Myka realize they have to find Alice and Pete suggests using Myka’s mirrored sunglasses to find her. When Pete is standing near a fireman he gets a vibe, but as the fireman raises his axe, Myka shoots it from his hands and the fireman runs. Alice jumps into a woman whom they chase, but soon find her on the ground, no longer possessed, and they have no clue where Alice has gone.

They realize that their only advantage now is Alice’s desire to kill Artie, so they decide to set a trap. When Claudia and Steve arrive, they head into Artie’s hotel and while Claudia, Steve, Pete, Myka and Vanessa cover the five possible exits, Artie waits as the bait. After a while, Steve sees something and while everyone is distracted, Alice jumps into a bellhop near the elevators, grabs Vanessa and takes her up to Vanessa’s room.

When everyone gets to her room, Pete shoots the bellhop with the Tesla and Vanessa feigns despair over her ordeal. They realize that the bellhop doesn’t have the mirror shard as Alice has jumped to Vanessa and is now holding the shard at Artie’s throat. “Alice” drags Artie into a separate room, but no longer threatens to kill Artie and instead threatens to do unspeakable things to Vanessa’s body so that Artie will know “real suffering is knowing what lies just beyond [his] grasp yet never being able to reach it.”

Just then, Pete breaks into the room and pins “Alice” up against the wall. Claudia uses the hookah to trap her, but “Alice” blows the smoke in Pete’s face choking him. She possesses Claudia, breaks the hookah over Pete’s head, knocking him out, and turns to attack Artie. Just as “Alice” is about to stab Artie, Steve jumps in the way and “Alice” stabs him in the shoulder. Since Claudia and Steve are connected, “Alice” feels the pain from Steve’s stab wound and is distracted with it. Steve pulls the mirror shard from his shoulder and takes the opportunity to use it against her. While Myka holds “Alice,” Steve uses the Tesla on the mirror shard and forces Alice into the shard which Myka and Steve quickly bag.

After the trouble with Alice, and Brother Adrian’s vendetta, Artie decides it is too dangerous to continue his relationship with Vanessa. He breaks up with her despite her arguments insisting their relationship isn’t safe, but before leaving she tells him cutting himself off from the people who love him is a terrible idea and she’s not going anywhere.

While back at Leena’s, Steve finally tells Claudia everything about their connection and his hopes to disconnect from the metronome. Claudia agrees to help him figure it out together and they head back into the B&B by Pete and Myka. When Pete and Myka talk about the mirror’s removal from the dark vault, Claudia and Steve show them the black diamond Claudia found in the dark vault in place of Alice’s mirror and tells them that someone from Artie’s past is attempting to undo his life’s work as a warehouse agent.

Meanwhile, Artie heads to the dark vault, frustrated about what Brother Adrian has been doing. He yells out his frustrations in vain and checks on the Astrolabe. When he sees it’s safe, Artie yells out to Brother Adrian once more that he will stop him, in the hopes that Adrian is in the warehouse and will hear him. When Artie leaves, Leena steps out of the shadows after overhearing his declaration.

It was fun seeing the entire team together working on the same goal. That’s not to say it isn’t interesting seeing them all head off in different directions, but as a group, they work so well together it’s great seeing that. It was also great seeing another Claudia invention. Claudia is a steampunk artist’s dream. She has the best mix of artistry, creativity, genius and ingenuity. I would love to steal her brain…and her creations. I mean I could really use a paging system like that…if for no other reason than to tease my dogs.

Looking back at ‘Fractures,’ though, the best parts were that Steve finally told Claudia about their connection (not like he had much choice there) and everyone finally knows that someone is coming after Artie. Both revelations have been a long time coming and both have been impossible secrets to keep. Realistically, how do you keep it a secret when someone else feels your pain? Not that I’d complain, though I’d wish that fun side effect on my worst enemy, not my best friend. Not to mention, Steve was able to use it to his advantage to save Claudia, even if she does have a sore shoulder for a while. I’m still curious about how they plan on getting Steve off the metronome. I wonder what artifact they’ll come up with and how strong their connection goes. Leena’s warning was rather foreboding, too. It would be terrible to lose either one of these two.

And on to Artie. What can I say about Artie? Clearly as Brother Adrian pushes him, he’s just going deeper into his paranoia and delusions. How long before he cracks and turns into Evil Artie? Or maybe the evil isn’t Artie, but is the keeper of the artifact, Brother Adrian. Certainly seems that way. It’s still curious that Artie can’t, or at this point won’t, tell anyone about his problems. Obviously it’s not an easy secret to keep. Brother Adrian isn’t going to let it go and as great an agent as Artie may be, he’s got some tough enemies. He needs the help, so when is he going to ask for it? Cutting himself off, sneaking around and keeping secrets isn’t helping anyone.

And what will Leena do now that she’s overheard Artie? Will she tell the team? Or is she perhaps working with the brotherhood to remove the artifacts? I don’t think she is, but you never know.

Watch the full episode now on SyFy.com.

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