Firefly: The Celebration Collectors Book Review

By | Posted on 20 September 2012

It may have lasted only 1 season, and got only 1 film made after it, but Firefly has remained one of the biggest cult classics of the scifi genre in history. It was a rather simple concept of life in space after only 2 cultures remained and the government sought to control the people. ‘Space cowboys’ was a turn often used, and everyone from the cast were able to use Firefly as a stepping stone to much bigger things.

This collectors addition book is produced by Titan books and written by the creator of the show himself Joss Whedon. This new book combines 3 previously best-selling titles, The Illustrated Companion Vol 1 & 2, and Still Flying. It also adds a huge chunk of new behind the scenes content not available in the other 3 books.

This book is beautifully bound foil-stamped leather-effect binding with over 500 pages of great content on this cult show. What else is cool? It comes with 9 frameable portrait photos of the cast, featuring rare and previously unpublished images, and a facsimile of one of the bank notes featured in the show.

More book features:

  • In-depth interviews with Joss Whedon and the cast and crew
  • Full, uncut shooting scripts to all the episodes
  • Scores of rare photos and pieces of production art, unavailable elsewhere
  • Specially taken photos of props and costumes
  • New stories from writers of the original TV episodes

“A Big Damn Book For Big Damn Heroes”

Overall Grade: A – A Must Buy For Any Fan

Release Date: Oct 2nd, 2012

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  • Arthur Moy

    Very cool! I’ve been meaning to check out the comics.

  • Brandon

    You say it lasted a season… it didn’t even last a season, just over half really. How many cancelled TV shows get made into a movie? How many TV shows get high quality books like the Titan books written about them? So many good shows that never received a great book like this show did, and so many that outlasted Firefly. And not just one high quality book, but three… none of the reviews I’ve been reading so far have given an accurate account of just how much new material this has, for people who already have the original 3 books. Yeah, I’m a huge Firefly fan, but a little strapped for cash. Why should I pick this up?

    • Robert Prentice

      Based on what I saw in the book, it has the items in the photo above and a good 100 pages of new behind the scenes stories, photos and more that were not released in the previous 3 books.

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