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By | Posted on 30 September 2012

WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE EPISODE OF HAVEN “STAY”. It is intended only for those who have already seen the episode.

Hello awesome readers! Sorry there wasn’t a review of the Haven season premiere. I had a whole bunch of computer problems that resulted in the loss of my review for the episode, and I haven’t rewritten it, but it is on its way, I promise! Then, some real life stuff came up this weekend that prevented me from posting this on Friday night. OK, now on to the most recent episode!

Large stretches of “Stay” will, for the most part, feel familiar to a horror or scifi fan. While a good episode, it also feels a bit standard and Haven-formulaic. There’s a problem, problem gets worse, original theory is wrong, Audrey comes up with a zany theory that is ultimately proven to be correct, fixes problem. It is in the periphery of this episode that you get the feeling of real traction on what is looking to be the major arcs for this season. The end of the “main story” has a pretty neat twist that I didn’t see coming.

The episode begins with a pretty chilling opening scene, which feels like it could have been in any number of zombie horror movies. A store attendant in an empty general store hears the door bells clanging over and over again but sees no one at the door when he finally looks. He notices a naked man wearing what appears to be a dog collar hanging out by the hot dog station. When he approaches the man he growls and the guy flees.

Hot on the trail of last week’s big revelations (once again, sorry, I AM writing about those), “Stay” also has a lot going on in those peripheries I was talking about. Audrey and Duke try to figure out who or what the Hunter written about in the Colorado Kid’s casket is. While Nathan is convinced the Hunter refers to Duke, using this as more evidence that Duke will end up like his father, hunting down and killing Troubled people; eventually Duke, with some grudging help from the Teagues, discovers that all of Audrey’s previous personalities would appear during “the Troubles” and then disappear the night of a certain meteor shower, nicknamed the “Hunter” which is coming up in a just a few months. So Audrey’s new quest to find the Colorado Kid becomes a race against the clock.

So, while the main story until the twist ending was kind of predictable and formulaic, “Stay” delivers a confident and powerful addition to the Haven series. Fans who are hoping for Duke and Nathan to wake up and join forces are going to be disappointed, but those who want to learn more about Audrey’s past are in for a treat.

Gregory is a lifelong hardcore Science Fiction and horror fan. He regularly drives away friends and loved ones with long-winded references to Star Wars history and Falling Skies. He does government work that sounds more exciting than it is when described to people. He is also editor and main author of a fledgling Falling Skies website oh so creatively titled "The Falling Skies Blog" which can be found at http://fallingskiesblog.wordpress.com/


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