Michael Avon Oeming’s: The Victories #2 – Sneak Review

By | Posted on 02 September 2012

** The following review while careful not to reveal any actual spoilers from this issue, it does tease the reader with hints as well as spoilers from issues past. Please feel free to purchase this issue on 09/12/2012 **

When Scott Allie posted up pictures of his fresh Dark Horse reading material and I saw The Victories #2 lying there in that awesome pile I was actually jealous. The three best parts of what I do are first and foremost all the great people and creators I get to work with, second the ability to promote indie arts in a world that tries so hard to pass them by, and third getting to read amazing comics ahead of time. I mention this because I’m completely aware of how awesome it is to get these sent to me beforehand and am typically more than content to wait, but in this case…

I really wanted more of The Victories.

The Victories #2 kicks off with amazing art from Oeming and fabulous coloring from Nick Filardi just as issue one did. Faustus is a very enjoyable character to follow and it’s really refreshing to me to have the main character actually be my favorite. Typically, especially when it comes to hero tales, I find the main protagonist is unrealatable as they are either too boring or too whiny. Faustus has tragedy in his past, we can all see that, but deals with it narratively in the style I most enjoy about Bruce Wayne, while having the sort of mid-battle fun quips I so loved about Spider-Man. Take two similar epic character styles and then mix them together and set them loose in a dark disturbed plot-line with Michael Avon Oeming at the helm, and obviously you’re in for one wicked enjoyable ride.

This issue gives us a look at the rest of the Victories team, as well as very artfully done look into the drug Float that has stolen their city. It also sets up for what looks to be a very interesting third issue and I can’t wait to see more of where this goes.

As with issue one I have to say again that The Victories is without a doubt a very adult tale set in a world arted very much like the art of ones I always enjoyed diving into growing up. The dialogue and plot are fantastic mature readers content, but as with the art styles of my youth very fast paced in action, and yet slow and gentle in the gorgeous art scenes that require it. Typically comics tend to have one speed and as such I’m very impressed on Oeming’s sequential timing in this aspect.

That’s all I officially have to say on The Victories this time around. Now to be patient and mentally prep for another long wait. – N

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