‘Revolution’ Edges Out ‘Castle’ and ‘Hawaii 5-0,’ Clinches Top Spot

By | Posted on 27 September 2012

Well folks, the review totals are in for the Monday night primetime slots and NBC’s Revolution is in the number one spot! The show was up against some tough competition for the 10 PM time slot, with established fan-favorites Castle and Hawaii 5-0 being the other major network shows airing new episodes at the time. Revolution capped off with a 3.4 rating, garnering approximately 9.21 million live viewers for its second episode, which aired on September 24.

Despite remaining on top, Revolution has slipped since its 4.1-rated pilot episode, which aired on Monday, September 17. While the drop in ratings certainly is not cause for celebration, it is not cause for alarm either. Most new shows witness a ratings-slump after their pilot episode airs. Invariably, people will watch the pilot and decide it is not the show for them. NBC likely has no reason to panic yet as ratings are still strong for the time slot and the network as a whole. According to ratings-tracking website TV by the Numbers, NBC claimed 5 of the top 10 slots for the week of September 17-23, with Revolution clinching number four.

Proof that the show is being well-received? It broke records for time-shifted viewing audiences. Over a three day period past the series premiere, it witnessed a 1.3 ratings jump as people who DVR’d the episode caught up. This despite a good number of internet critics panning the series. In fact, people are comparing Revolution to TNT’s Falling Skies, a show near and dear to the hearts of most Three if by Space readers (and writers!). With episode three set to debut next Monday, October 1, only time will tell if Revolution has the staying power to get a coveted second-season pick up. If the ratings for the pilot and this week’s episode are anything to go by, things are looking up! What do you think? Is this show worth a second season? Or will ratings continue to fall ala JJ Abrams’ failed sci-fi drama Alcatraz? Weigh in with a comment below and don’t forget to catch Revolution every Monday night at 10/9C on NBC!

Justin Mathai

I am a high school student journalist from the grand old state of New Jersey and a complete geek when it comes to sci-fi television and film. I'm also an aspiring writer and occasionally-published poet, as well as a contributing writer to the Falling Skies Blog. I'm a fan of TNT's Falling Skies, I was a fan of FOX's Terra Nova until its cancellation, and I enjoy sci-fi films like Avatar, the Star Wars saga, Star Trek, etc. Sometimes sarcastic, often optimistic, aiming to bring you news and reviews!


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    Wow, guess there’s still a lot of people willing to give Revolution a chance!

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