Warehouse 13: Endless Wonder Recap and Review

By | Posted on 12 September 2012

“How do we tell the world about some of it and keep the rest a secret?” ~ Pete

Last time on Warehouse 13, Alice Laddell escaped from her mirror after Brother Adrian sent the artifact to a thrift store in Rapid City, South Dakota. After tracking her down as she jumped from body to body in her pursuit of Artie, they finally cornered her in Artie’s hotel room. When she possessed Claudia in her attempt to kill Artie, Steve took the opportunity to force Alice back into a shard from her mirror. Afterward, two things were revealed: Claudia was finally made aware of her physical connection to Steve and the entire team is finally informed about the disappearing artifacts and the mysterious black diamonds.

This week, in ‘Endless Wonder’ Myka and Pete are sent to South Bend, Indiana to track an artifact causing people in the area to mysteriously grow taller. As they investigate the possible causes, a pharmaceutical representative joins the search in the hopes of finding items that could be used to help people. While back in the warehouse, Artie, Claudia and Steve fix the Artifact Removal Detection System and find another artifact has gone missing. They track Brother Adrian to an abandoned mansion in Sturgis and attempt to find him and his way of getting into the warehouse. Then at the end of the day, Artie receives a visit from special guest who has been helping him track the dagger he suspects Claudia will eventually use to kill him.


In South Bend, Indiana, Pete and Myka receive alerts about people all over town suddenly growing taller. After visiting a lawyer suffering from the symptoms they realize he and the other victims have been taking a heartburn medication, Reduxid. They head to the hospital to speak with a doctor who had prescribed the drug, when they meet a pharmaceutical rep, Deb, looking for a way to profit off of the growing height symptoms. Deb informs Pete and Myka that the Reduxid trials are happening in select cities, but the symptoms are only occurring in South Bend so it can’t be the pill alone causing the problem. They realize they have to look for an environmental factor and agree to let Deb assist them in finding the cause to their growing problem. Pete heads off with Deb to speak to the doctors involved in the study, while Myka goes to investigate the four victims that have already begun showing symptoms but no one is able to find any further leads.

After spending the night together, Pete and Deb are woken up the next morning by Myka with reports about a new victim and a gold spike from the transcontinental railroad that will help to keep the victims bodies from literally pulling themselves apart. Myka tells Pete that the new victim had never taken the pill, so the drug is no longer the link to the case and Deb is no longer needed for the investigation.

Pete and Myka leave Deb at the hotel and arrive at the new victim’s location. While Pete distracts the EMTs, Myka uses the gold spike on the victim, but Deb, who had followed them, watches the gold spikes affect and suspects they have more artifacts that could be of use to people. She follows them to the hospital and as Pete and Myka use the spike on the other victims to slow the symptoms, Deb talks to the latest victim’s fiancé and finds out the connection to the other patients.  After realizing the pill is not the connection, Pete and Myka figure out that each of the victims attended a cooking class and head there to find the artifact, but upon arriving see the kitchen has been cleared out and realize Deb had arrived first, cleaned out all of the utensils from the kitchen and sent them to her company in Minneapolis in the hopes of finding the artifact and using it to profit off of the heightening effect.

Before heading back to the company, however, Deb decides to find more artifacts that could potentially be used to save people, and goes to Leena’s to find answers. When Leena tells them Deb is there, Pete heads back to the B&B while Myka heads to Minneapolis.  While there, Myka tracks down the scientists studying the kitchen utensils just in time to find one of them groaning in pain on the floor as his body is being pulled apart. She searches through the utensils and finds a marble bowl carved from the ruins of the Colossus of Rhodes and figures that must be the artifact. So she bags the bowl, saving the scientist as well as the other victims remaining back in the hospital in South Bend.

At the B&B, Deb tells Pete that she has found a lot of stories that lead back to him, but stop there and lets him know that she has informed her boss about everything and he is on his way to see what she has found. As Pete tries to tell her the stories are just urban legends, Regent Adwen shows up and tells Pete that a senator has called and is pressuring them for access to the warehouse. After talking to Pete about Deb, they decide to show it to her. As Pete shows Deb the warehouse he finds out her motive for wanting to find artifacts lies in her desire to use them to help people who suffer from diseases before it’s too late for them. He shows her a couple of artifacts and explains the negative consequences of using them and then points out that even though she has good intentions, her boss may not. With this information, Deb decides it’s best not to tell anyone about the warehouse and despite the probability of losing her job for sending her boss to the wrong place, informs him of a different location, a “Storage Space Six”, that houses nothing but junk. After thwarting her boss’ attempts to get the artifacts, Regent Adwen tells Deb that he is a part of a civilian oversight board and sometimes regents are found when a person finds out about the warehouse and uses wisdom to make the right choice as she had done and asks her about the possibility of becoming a regent.

Meanwhile Artie attempts to fix the Artifact Removal Detection System, when he is interrupted by Claudia and Steve, who offer to help him track the missing artifacts. He tells them he’s trying to protect them, but they manage to persuade him to let them help. Artie tells them about Brother Adrian’s vendetta against himself, but fearful of Brother Adrian’s warning, refuses to tell them anything more than the fact that Brother Adrian is attempting to make Artie do something he can’t do. Though they’d like to know more, they decide to stop Brother Adrian first and determine he is getting in using an artifact. While Claudia uses his cell phone number to track his location, Steve and Artie finish fixing the detection system and find that Harriet Tubman’s thimble, which when used causes the user to take on the identity of others, is missing.

Claudia tracks Adrian to an old abandoned mansion in Sturgis and once they arrive, Steve, Claudia and Artie split up to find him.  Steve and Claudia find his cell phone, see Adrian and chase after him, but soon lose him. They call Artie and tell him that Adrian was carrying an old plank and after Artie talks to Leena, learns that it may be the Threshold of Limentinus – the Roman god of Thresholds – which when placed at the base of anything creates an opening. Claudia and Steve continue searching for Brother Adrian, when Artie steps out from the shadows. Claudia sees the thimble on his hand, however, and realizes it’s not Artie but Brother Adrian who no longer carries the plank and escapes once again. Steve and Claudia let Artie know he’s got the thimble and is disguised as Artie while they look for the plank.

Brother Adrian steps out in front of Artie and eventually takes the thimble off. Artie pleads with him to tell him what the evil is because they could possibly stop it if they knew, but he continues to insist that Artie use the Astrolabe to restore the day he erased with it. Artie tells him Brother Adrian would be dead if he did, but Adrian shrugs it off as part of the sacrifice he is willing to make to eradicate evil. He taunts Artie some more, telling him he intends to continue to erase everything he’s done and isolate him from everyone he cares about. At those words, Artie realizes that Adrian has set a trap for Claudia and Steve and attempts to warn them, but is unable to get through on time before the trap is set off. He runs to find out what happened, leaving Brother Adrian to get away.

When he arrives, he sees the walls and ceiling collapsed around the threshold and fears the worst, but Claudia and Steve step out and tell him they heard his warning and tripped the trap on purpose. Steve goes into the rubble and gets the plank, effectively ending Brother Adrian’s ability to get into the warehouse using it. With Brother Adrian on the run, Claudia and Steve ask Artie for more answers, but he insists he can’t tell them anything else and they’re involvement is no longer required. Claudia and Steve agree and leave, but mention to each other as they walk out that they will continue looking into it.

After they leave, H.G. Wells knocks on the door. Artie lets her in and asks her about the dagger he’d asked her to find for him. She tells him she’s got a few leads and then asks him how he knew about the bomb in Sykes’ wheelchair and continues on to tell him the only explanation for his behavior is due to time travel. He admits it, but tells her she can’t tell anyone, upon which she mentions she had already told her suspicions to Mrs. Frederic and believes Artie used Magellan’s Astrolabe. Surprised at H.G. Wells’ incredibly accurate deduction, Artie says nothing as he thinks back to Brother Adrian’s warning: “Anyone you tell will be in grave danger.”


‘Endless Wonder’ was another great episode to a mystery-filled, darker season. It ushered in the return of H.G. Wells as well as answered some questions that have been on my mind since the beginning of the season. Obviously I’ve been speculating that H.G. Wells was the confidant he chose to look for the dagger, it was a good moment when she appeared on my screen. Not only because I was right (which ever so rarely happens) but also because she’s back and she didn’t hesitate for a moment to call Artie out on his lies and secrets! I loved that! Maybe now Artie can tell someone and relieve some of that growing pressure and concern he’s had in his attempts to deal with everything by himself. Then again, considering Brother Adrian’s warning and the way the episode ended, this could just make his worry about a hundred times worse.

It was also fun seeing Claudia and Steve out in the field now that they both know about their connection to each other. Claudia’s comment to Steve was priceless, “Be careful! You’re falling for two now.” That was a great moment. It was also good to see Artie let them help a little. Even if he didn’t tell them everything, he was at least not going it alone and obviously, with his cell phone tracking skills, he needed the help. It’s too bad that Brother Adrian outsmarted them, again, and got away…again. I’m still not sure how releasing a bunch of dangerous artifacts on the world helps to eradicate evil. It’s too bad Brother Adrian isn’t more rational. Then maybe he could sit down with Artie and let Artie explain why he used Magellan’s Astrolabe. Then maybe they could work together to come to a solution instead of making things worse for innocent people and risking the lives of everyone Artie cares about by dismantling his life’s work.

I wonder how Deb is going to play into future episodes. I liked her in some respects, but her pushy, nosiness was a turn off. She was looking for the right reasons and has a little Pete humor (who doesn’t love that), so the character has some potential. It will be interesting to see how she plays into future storylines. Mrs. Frederic knows about H.G. Wells’ suspicions, could this be the end of Mrs. Frederic? We’ve already seen her introducing Claudia to the life as a caretaker and now we meet a possible new regent…could Claudia and Deb be replacements for Mrs. Frederic when she departs?

It should be fun to find out more answers as this season progresses and for a fun break from the norm, check out Dragon*Con’s Warehouse 13 Panel for some hints about the season to come!

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  • http://twitter.com/FlutteringEliza Elizabeth

    OMG! A new agent!?!?!? Not sure I like her.

    • http://twitter.com/Sunshine6366 Carrie

      I don’t know about her coming on as a new agent. Regent Adwen only talked to her about being a regent, so I could imagine her somehow coming on the show in that capacity. Just visiting once in a while like Regent Adwen and Mrs. Frederic do. Then again, this could just be the way the show is explaining more about regents in general and she’s not coming on in any official capacity any time soon.

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