Warehouse 13: The One You Love Recap and Review

By | Posted on 25 September 2012

Last time on Warehouse 13, Pete and Myka went to Dalton, West Virginia where people had begun to rust. They soon discovered the cause of the rusting was shrapnel from an artifact embedded in a young steelworker and were able to neutralize it by injecting the goo into his chest. Meanwhile Steve and Claudia went to Steve’s home in New Jersey where they finally managed to safely get Steve off the metronome and Mrs. Frederic, H.G. Wells and Leena confronted Artie about Brother Adrian.

In ‘The One You Love’ Brother Adrian attacks once again by sending artifacts to the people closest to Claudia, Pete and Myka. Each must go to separate locations to find the artifacts and neutralize them before something happens to their loved ones. Meanwhile Mrs. Frederic and Steve go to the Brotherhood of Black Diamonds in the Vatican to find answers about Brother Adrian.


As Artie checks items in the warehouse to ensure they’re safe, Brother Adrian suddenly appears after having used D.B. Cooper’s ripcord to get in. He grabs a boomerang off the shelf and throws it and attacks Artie causing some jars to fall and break. The alarm is set off alerting Pete and Myka to the problem. Artie fights Brother Adrian off, but just as Pete and Myka get there, Brother Adrian escapes the warehouse but not before warning Artie that he intends to punish all of them.

Artie informs Mrs. Frederic of the breach and then Claudia notices that the dummy shipping company that was used to ship Alice’s mirror had been used once more to ship packages to Yuma, Arizona, Colorado Springs, Colorado and Menlo Park, California where Pete, Myka and Claudia have loved ones. Though they were unable to find what artifacts were missing, Pete, Myka and Claudia each head to the respective locations to save their family.

In Yuma, Pete finds his ex-wife, Amanda (Jeri Ryan), is burning up. She received a leather box, but with nothing in it, so she thought nothing more of it. Pete bags the box, but nothing happens and Amanda suddenly collapses. Pete calls Myka and tells her that Amanda is sick in the hospital with a high fever, but can’t figure out what’s wrong. After talking to Myka, Pete attempts to comfort Amanda and hugs her when he notices her glowing tattoo on her back. She claims she doesn’t have a tattoo, and when he goes to point it out to her, it transfers to Pete instead causing him to begin to burn up. Pete calls Artie for help and finds out that the tattoo belonged to a Russian suicide bomber, history’s first suicide bomber. Artie tells him to cut it off and then hangs up on him offering no further assistance with the problem. Pete asks Amanda to cut the tattoo off, but whenever she moved the scalpel near the tattoo it moved to another spot, never letting her get close enough to cut it off. Pete suddenly gets worse and starts glowing more setting off the radiation detector. At which point they both realize that Pete is going to explode. As he continues to get worse, Amanda takes him to a bomb shelter that will protect others from the explosion and sends him inside after saying her farewell. Pete goes inside and after failed attempts to call Artie, calls Myka who suggests getting the tattoo off his skin by putting it on the leather box. Just as he’s about to explode, he lays down on the box causing the tattoo to transfer back to the box, which he then neutralizes.

Meanwhile in Colorado Springs, Myka arrives at her sister, Tracy’s (Amy Acker), house. They greet each other, which activates the artifact causing her sister to want to kill Myka. While Myka searches the new baby shower gifts in the nursery for the artifact, Tracy makes her some tea but laces it with drain cleaner. When Myka doesn’t take the tea right away due to Pete calling, Tracy tries to send it with her out of the room, but it gets knocked to the floor where Myka notices it eating away the rug. She goes to the kitchen to talk to Pete in private and finds the drain cleaner; realizing her sister is attempting to kill her and then notices a butcher knife is missing. Myka goes back to her sister and attempts to warn Tracy that something is wrong, but Tracy tricks Myka and attacks her. Myka eventually subdues Tracy and ties her up while she proceeds to look for the artifact causing her sister’s murderous intent. When Pete arrives after helping Amanda, he points out that Myka checked everything but the wrapping paper. At which point, they search the trash and find a rope, which they cut, neutralizing the artifact and bringing Tracy out of her murderous trance.

In Menlo Park, Claudia arrives at her brother, Joshua’s (Tyler Hynes), house to find him encased in amber. Claudia calls Leena and has her check the database to find out what happened to him. Leena tells her that it could be a tiny scroll, which Claudia finds inside the amber in her brother’s hand. Claudia looks up some information on the Internet to weaken it so she can get the scroll out and begins heating it up. She then pours ice on it, hits it and breaks the amber around her brother’s hand, exposing the scroll. She quickly neutralizes the scroll and the amber disappears from her brother. After he is freed from the amber, Joshua tells Claudia that Artie is the one who set it up for him to be in Menlo Park, despite Artie’s seeming surprise that Joshua was there. At this point, Claudia realizes something is wrong with Artie.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Frederic and Steve arrive at the Vatican and find that no one from the Brotherhood had been in or out of the library for months. They head into the library and find it abandoned with moldy food and layers of dust over everything as though they had left unexpectedly. As Mrs. Frederic and Steve search the room, Steve suddenly disappears into a painting. Mrs. Frederic removes the painting from its frame and Steve comes out of it, followed by the brothers of the Brotherhood of the Black Diamonds. Much to their surprise, however, Brother Adrian also emerges from the painting and tells them that he has never been to the warehouse. At this point they also realize that something is wrong with Artie and call Leena.

During everyone’s absence, Leena watches Artie and after seeing him remove a gun from the cabinet becomes concerned. When Brother Adrian reappears once more, Artie shoots him and they fight, ending with Artie putting Brother Adrian in the bronzer. Once the bronzer is activated, Leena notices the alert and goes there to find Artie talking to himself. Artie yells at Leena to be careful because Brother Adrian is there and she tells Artie that he’s alone. When Mrs. Frederic calls, she informs Leena that the Astrolabe caused Artie to have a psychotic break and Artie has been the one sabotaging the warehouse as Brother Adrian. As Artie works everything out and realizes that it was himself all along, Mrs. Frederic tells Leena to get out of the warehouse. Leena hangs up and begins to leave, but has second thoughts. Hoping to talk some sense into Artie, she offers to help, but by this point, Artie has completely lost his mind and “Brother Adrian” has taken over. “Brother Adrian” attacks Leena and leaves her for dead on the floor as Myka calls the warehouse after Pete gets a really bad vibe.


On a lighter note, it was fun seeing Myka’s sister on the show. I’ll admit I was a fan of ‘Angel’ so when I saw Amy Acker, I was like, “FRED!” She’s a great actress, so it was fun seeing her on Warehouse 13. I hope there’ll be more of her part to come! It was also fun seeing the sibling rivalry resurface. Myka had a mole!!! I will also always love seeing Jeri Ryan on the show. Who wouldn’t? It was amusing when Pete told Myka she’s hot and Myka’s misunderstanding. In Myka’s defense, that is a total Pete comment. Oh and Claudia’s new invention! What was it? A mini-Tesla? I loved it! I seriously need to make some of the gadgets from Warehouse 13. I’m jealous of their awesomeness! Since I can’t have a Claudia of my own, I’ll have to make do with her replica inventions.

On the darker, serious side of things, I originally had suspected that Artie was going to be the evil he created, but I didn’t expect it to be a split personality, psychotic break sort of evil. That surprised me. Brother Adrian’s presence was real enough, but thinking back, Artie was the only one who ever saw him. I wish I had put that together sooner! And what exactly did he do to Leena?!? She should have left when Mrs. Frederic said to leave. I doubt Mrs. Frederic gives many heedless warnings. Leena can’t really be dead, can she? I’ve always suspected there is something more, something supernatural or artifact-y about Leena, so she can’t be dead, right? Guess we’ll find out in Warehouse 13’s mid-season finale next week. Though I’m tempted to look up spoilers now.

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