The Walking Dead Review: Episode 302 Sick – Survival of the fittest

By | Posted on 21 October 2012


We start off where we ended last week, the group has made a prison their home. Hershel was bitten and Rick had to take off his leg in order to prevent the infection from spreading and attempt to save his life. While doing so the group ran into survivors, 4 inmates who have spent the last 10 months hiding in the kitchen of the prison trying to stay alive.

The survivors leader isnt too keen on Rick and the others taking over his former cell block and he butts heads with Rick about who gets to stay where. Rick makes a deal with him for 50% of their food. In return Rick and the others will help them clear out a cell block of their own.

Things don’t go as smooth as they had hoped with their new friends and Rick makes the same choices that Shane did having to leave some of them to the walkers, while killing another. Hershel is touch and go as Lori and Carol watch him closely to be sure he survives. Hershel wakes up at the end and the group no longer have to worry about the prison inmates.

Who is watching Carol from the woods outside the prison?


This week had a little more action and suspense then the season opener. The group is still in the prison which is going to get old fast. The dynamic of the prison survivors and the group was a gory and unflinching look at a grim world where the decision to kill someone could save lives. How long do they plan to stay in the prison? Hopefully not all season.

Other things that worked well this episode was the continued trust between Rick and Daryl which grows with each day. The real question is with the kills that Rick had made recently, will he spiral into the out of control person that Shane ended up becoming?

Carl is becoming more independent than ever before. I liked that he went on his own to the infirmary but was a little disappointed they didnt show him killing the walkers and the danger he was in doing it. I was also upset to not see a single thing about Andrea or Michonne. The Rick/Lori story needs to be over with. They are either going to make up or they aren’t but we need to stop with the weekly back and forth.

Sound off: What was your favorite moment of tonights episode and what was your least favorite?

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