Warehouse 13: We All Fall Down Recap and Review

By | Posted on 04 October 2012

“Stop. You had me at ‘you’ll be dead.’” ~ Steve Jinks

Last time on Warehouse 13 Brother Adrian sent artifacts to Claudia’s brother, Myka’s sister and Pete’s ex-wife, the people they care about most, causing Claudia, Pete and Myka to go to different locations to save their loved ones. Meanwhile Mrs. Frederic and Steve went to the Brotherhood of the Black Diamonds and discovered all the brothers trapped inside a painting, including Brother Adrian who had never been to the warehouse. Artie has a mental breakdown when he realizes he was sabotaging the warehouse as Brother Adrian and leaves Leena for dead on the warehouse floor.

In ‘We All Fall Down’ Pete, Myka and Claudia return to the warehouse and discover Leena’s death. Though initially in disbelief that Artie could have shot her, when Artie returns demanding the Astrolabe they realize the awful truth and race to get ahead of Artie before he can use his deadly plan against them.


When Pete and Myka arrive back at the warehouse, Pete immediately gets a horrible vibe. Alarms go off in two sectors so Pete and Myka split up to find Artie and Leena. In the Dark Vault, Pete discovers everything trashed and torn apart, while Myka, sadly, finds Leena dead from a gunshot wound in the Bronze Sector. Claudia returns to the warehouse and also reacts in disbelief while Mrs. Frederic explains that the astrolabe caused the evil to be created within Artie. She warns them to be careful, as Artie is a “formidable enemy” because he knows everything about them, their strengths and weaknesses and how to use them against everyone. Suddenly Pete sees Leena standing in the warehouse, but he is the only one who sees her before she disappears.

As Claudia, Pete and Myka speculate about where to find Artie, he suddenly returns and asks that they give him the astrolabe because it is the only thing that can help him. When Claudia attempts to touch him in her effort to talk some sense into him, they realize he is using a hologram device. When they all continue to deny Artie the astrolabe, he becomes hostile and reminds them about Leena threatening to use the astrolabe to set Artie free of the warehouse no matter the cost. When they realize Artie is using a hologram device from within the warehouse, he disappears and there is an explosion in the IRS Quartum. They quickly run to the explosion in hopes of finding Artie, but by the time the explosion went off, Artie had already escaped, his sole purpose was to set fire to the IRS Quartum which housed the files and artifacts from the Holy Roman Empire and Warehouse 8.

When they realize Artie intentionally set fire to Warehouse 8, they begin searching the crates for clues to what he was trying to keep them from finding. While searching the crates, Pete suddenly sees Leena who appears to be leading him somewhere, so he follows her. She takes him to a section of torture devices and points to a single cabinet. Initially Pete finds it empty and questions his sanity, but then when he considers the possibility that he’s not crazy, he searches the cabinet and finds a hidden hatch with all the information about the dagger Artie had sent H.G. Wells to find. Pete, Myka and Claudia regroup and tell Mrs. Frederic about what they have found. At this point, Mrs. Frederic tells them that the dagger is an object of Artie’s nightmares that is used by Claudia to kill him.

After speculating about his nightmares, they determine the possibility that the nightmare was nothing more than the “evil Artie” tricking “good Artie” to find the dagger for its own purposes rather than a prophecy. Claudia manages to track Artie using an alias as he heads to Budapest to find the dagger. Pete and Myka follow the dagger’s trail to Prague, while Claudia stays behind in case Artie’s nightmares were accurate and puts Artie’s alias on a terrorist list so he is held behind by airport security.

While Pete and Myka are on the way to Prague, Claudia discovers the deadliest artifact held within Warehouse 8 was a blue orchid that caused English Sweating Sickness, which killed its victims within 24 hours and would wipe out half the population if released now. They realize that Artie intends to use the dagger to break the impenetrable bubble that protects the world from the orchid, so Claudia and Steve go to get the orchid while Pete and Myka retrieve the dagger.

When Mrs. Frederic arrives at the airport, she finds the security guards tied up and Artie gone. After watching the security tapes, she realizes that Artie used the barometer of the USS Eldridge to stop time and escape. Steve and Claudia arrive in Berlin and head to warehouse 8 to find the orchid, which was buried beneath the warehouse and left there when the warehouse moved. All they manage to find, however, is a clue on a cave wall. Mrs. Frederic works out the clue and realizes it is pointing to the Steinbruck family, the keepers of the orchid.

When Pete and Myka arrive in Prague, they head straight to the collection and find the dagger, but just then Artie arrives. They attempt to talk to him once more, but Artie taunts them about their weaknesses and then pulls a noose out of his bag. He throws it up to a beam in the room and everyone except for him immediately begin to hang by the neck. Artie takes the dagger and leaves them to die, going in search of the orchid. After Artie leaves, Pete swings over to one of the battle axes in the collection and throws it, cutting the rope and freeing everyone from certain death.

Artie heads to Berlin and convinces the Steinbruck family that he is trying to save the orchid from rogue agents. He tells them that the rogue agents will say anything to get the orchid and helps them create a plan to thwart Pete, Myka, Claudia and Steve should they show up. When the Steinbrucks take Artie to an old mill where they have hidden the orchid, Pete, Myka, Claudia and Steve arrive to stop him. Thinking they have him cornered, Claudia attempts to talk some sense into him again and for a brief moment sees “good Artie” struggling within to take back control. “Evil Artie,” however, had devised a plan for just this situation and has one of the Steinbrucks use a deafening finger cymbal artifact on them. The Steinbrucks and Artie escape into the mill and head toward the orchid, but Pete, Claudia, Myka and Steve quickly recover and chase after them. Claudia and Steve go after the Steinbrucks while Pete and Myka go after Artie.

When Claudia and Steve catch up to the Steinbrucks, Claudia Tesla’s the brother and they chase the other two up the stairs. When Steve and Claudia catch up again, Steve fights the father while Claudia fights the daughter, but the father escapes. While Claudia struggles with Heidi, Steve chases after him. As Steve chases after the father, Pete and Myka find a trap door, but Artie shows up. Pete tackles him and the dagger drops. Myka grabs it and runs while Pete continues struggling with Artie. When Myka catches up to Steve, she helps him fight the father and then together they find a false wall and open it to find the orchid.

Just then, Artie walks in holding a gun to Pete’s head demanding they give him the orchid and the dagger or he’ll kill Pete. Steve starts heading to Artie with the orchid, while Pete gives Myka a look and tells her to do it. She suddenly lunges forward and throws the dagger into the mill’s grinder thinking it will be ground to pieces. She tells Artie to let Pete go, but Artie pulls out the barometer, stopping time so he can retrieve the dagger. Just as he manages to find the dagger and pull it from the grinder, time starts again and Claudia rushes over to try to talk to “good Artie.”

“Evil Artie” taunts her some more telling her that Artie doesn’t love them and that she is by far the worst of them all. He tells her that they have all ruined Artie’s life and runs to get away with the orchid and the dagger. She chases after him, but is too late and watches as Artie yells, “I cast you out” and stabs the bubble holding the orchid. The dagger is thrown from Artie’s hands as the bubble disappears. It hits the ceiling and then falls into Claudia’s hands. Claudia suddenly realizes that “good Artie” wants her to use the dagger on him, so she rushes forward and stabs him as she too yells, “I cast you out!” As Claudia stabs Artie, the orchid flower falls to the ground. Pete attempts to catch it but is too late and the English Sweating Sickness is released, infecting everyone in the room and engulfing the world in contagion.


‘We All Fall Down’ was a great episode and even kept with a tinge of humor despite the serious nature of the episode. That was good to see, I can’t handle too much seriousness in my Warehouse 13 episodes. Seriousness and sanity are overrated. Speaking of sanity: I wonder why Artie set fire to the IRS Quartum. That was like a huge red flag, “Look here if you want to figure out my plans and stop me.” He could have easily set fire to something else and they would have been clueless as to where to start looking to track him. Besides the obvious dagger, they may not have ever known to look for the orchid if he hadn’t set fire to the Quartum. Then again, maybe that was “good Artie’s” way of helping.

And Leena’s really dead, but maybe she still has some connection to the warehouse. Pete saw her and she helped him out, so maybe she’s dead but not gone. Who knows? Maybe Leena’s death was a lead-in for Deb, the pharmaceutical rep or maybe she’ll come back somehow, right? Right?!? Is there another metronome somewhere?

Okay, so we dealt with Leena’s death. *Insert sad face here* Now to all the craziness that followed: I remember saying earlier that the evil was within Artie, I clearly should have stuck with that theory. He definitely knows how to push their buttons. Is it just me or did Pete’s concerns seem somewhat more serious than Myka’s? Not that that’s important…I was just thinking about Artie’s taunts at them. Also, the Steinbrucks seemed a bit gullible. A warehouse agent shows up with an artifact from the warehouse, which, as the sister pointed out, should still be in the warehouse, and they quickly believe every word he says about the “rogue agents” and the orchid? Those were some AMAZING keepers of the orchid. Seriously. The first thought that popped into my head when he was telling them about the rogue agents was, “How do we know you aren’t the rogue agent?” Okay, so yes, I knew Artie was the rogue agent as I was watching it, but as protectors of such a deadly artifact as the orchid, you’d think they’d be a bit more skeptical and less gullible than that. Unless he had some other proof to convince them that wasn’t shown, I would not want that family protecting anything for me.

That being said, Artie better not be dead! Yeah sure, Claudia stabbed him, it’s what he wanted, but she used the artifact dagger and yelled, “I cast you out!” Maybe that’s how they expel the evil from within Artie, so he’s not dead; he’s just not evil anymore and will have a hole somewhere in his chest where Claudia stabbed him. Then again, maybe he’d be better off dead. He did release a plague on the world after all. If Claudia didn’t kill him, that will. Either way, the mid-season premiere is going to be a long wait to come.

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