Merlin’s Final Season Is Coming

By | Posted on 30 December 2012

MerlinLast season, Morgana went full on evil, doing her best to seek revenge against Uther and take her “rightful” place on the throne. After Morgana’s betrayal left Uther broken, Arthur took over Uther’s duties with the assistance of his beloved uncle, Lord Agravaine. Unbeknownst to him, Agravaine allied with Morgana and was working diligently for his own revenge against Uther and to help Morgana take the throne. After successfully killing Uther and numerous failed attempts to kill the newly crowned King Arthur, Morgana and Lord Agravaine manage to take over Camelot while the knights, King Arthur and Merlin fled the kingdom. With Arthur’s belief in himself broken as they run from Agravaine, Merlin works to restore his faith and convince him to return to Camelot.

During his pursuit, Agravaine discovers Merlin’s secret identity as Emrys and attempts to kill him, but Merlin kills Agravaine and finally works out a plan to help Arthur. Merlin unites the people around the sword in the stone and tells Arthur that only the true king can remove it. Arthur removes the sword and with his faith restored returns to Camelot to fight Morgana while Merlin nullifies Morgana’s powers with an enchantment so she is unable to use magic against them when they attack. They manage to defeat her, though she escapes and with Aithusa’s, the white dragon’s, help is saved from death’s door. After successfully defeating Morgana, yet again, Arthur marries Gwen, crowns her Queen of Camelot and they ascend to their thrones as King and Queen of Camelot.

Season 5 picks up three years after the events of last season. King Arthur and Queen Guinevere have brought peace and harmony to the kingdom and continue to work to further their endeavors of peace through their alliances. The knights of the round table have taken their place at Arthur’s side and Merlin continues to aide Arthur in meeting his destiny as the Once and Future King, but “even as Camelot flowers, the seeds of its destruction are being sown” as Morgana returns to seek revenge against Arthur and take her place as Queen of Camelot.

Merlin’s final season is filled with action, humor and magic as King Arthur and Merlin struggle to keep peace in the kingdom and fight Morgana. Season 5 brings in the return of some familiar faces…or at least familiar names… as well as betrayal and death while the ever-present loyalty and honor triumph leading to the grand two-part finale.

It’s well known that Merlin has already aired in the UK and other places, so many of you, if not most of you, have already seen the final season, but for those of you who haven’t, there are a few things you may be hoping for in season 5. Will Arthur learn of Merlin’s magic? What happens to Morgana? Will she finally find out Emrys’ true identity? Will magic return to Camelot? And season 5 will not disappoint.

Merlin will return to SyFy this Friday, January 4. It’s the beginning of an end. A premature end to be sure, but an end none-the-less. This coming season will be its last, but it will be a great one.

Carrie Hildebrand

Carrie is a writer with a passion for art. A self-proclaimed geek from Wisconsin, she loves everything from steampunk to scifi to anything indie and is more than happy to bombard your timelines with whatever she finds. When she’s not working as a writer or an artist, she masquerades as a hatter, works at a bank and just for the heck of it, drives a hearse.

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