Check Out 14 Just-Released Images From Doctor Who Series 7.2!

By | Posted on 05 March 2013

Image courtesy BBC

BBC America has just made available fourteen brand-new pictures from the first four episodes of season 7.2 and we’ve got the lot of them here for you to anxiously drool over.  The titles of all but the first episode are yet to be confirmed, but Doctor Who TV has some speculative titles gleaned from various sources.  I’d bet the titles are pretty accurate, but hey, even if they renamed the first episode from “The Bells of St. John” to “The Doctor Does Silly Things With A Fez” we’d all watch and enjoy it just as much.

The only official episode title released to date is for the first episode of season 7.2 (which is really episode 706 if you’re counting from season seven’s actual start) and it’s called, as I stated above, “The Bells of St. John.”  As I also said earlier, our friends over at DoctorWhoTV have managed to wrangle likely titles for the second through fourth episodes of 2013, which are actually the seventh through ninth episodes of season seven. Only slightly confusing.  Anyway, the “to be confirmed” titles gathered by the crafty sleuths at DoctorWhoTV go as follows:  Episode 707 – “The Rings of Akhaten,” episode 708 – “The Cold War” (An apt title considering the Ice Warriors are in it), and episode 709 – either “The Hider in the House” or “Phantoms of the Hex.”

The premiere of “The Bells of St. John” on BBC America happens Saturday, March 30 at 8/7c as part of their new Supernatural Saturday which also includes Orphan Black and The Nerdist.  Saturdays will be an especially good day to watch BBC America.

Oh, I almost forgot.  You probably want to see those pictures I promised all the way up in the title, right?  My apologies, the gallery awaits…

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