New “Iron Man 3″ Trailer Shows Tony Has A Lot Of Armored Friends

By | Posted on 05 March 2013

Image courtesy Marvel Studios

Iron Man 2 may have been a little bit of a letdown compared to the first film, but judging by the latest trailer recently released by Yahoo! Movies this third installment could be the best of the bunch.  Tony’s facing an enemy, the Mandarin, who’s out to destroy everything he has.

After the first trailer we already know the Mandarin obliterated his swanky home on the cliff so now for Tony it’s really personal.  Rhodey can be counted on to help out, but Tony Stark is going to need everything he’s got to fight this latest battle.  It looks like he’s pulled out a whole fleet of Iron Men, each with a distinctive armor and style.  I’d see the movie for that final scene alone.

Yep, Tony needs, and apparently has, a lot of help for this fight.  There was some speculation about the use of various incarnations of the Iron Man armor, but those speculations had largely been discounted because there would be only so many “costume changes” Tony could reasonably make during a single film.  Well, now we know how they’re going to work all the variations of the suit into the movie.

For a run-down of the various versions of the Iron Man armor that may or may not be appearing in the film, check out the article on io9 called “Have Tony Stark’s many Iron Man 3 suits just been revealed?”  If I had to bet I’d guess not every one of the suits listed in the article will be used, but after the final moments of the trailer I could be wrong.  I kind of hope I am.


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