The return of the librarian – a review of Angel & Faith #22

By | Posted on 03 June 2013

With only three more issues to go after this one, Angel & Faith is starting to wrap up and in issue 21 the resurrection of Rupert Giles is finally here! This review includes spoilers.

WORDS: Christos Gage
PENCILLS: Rebekah Isaacs
COLOR: Dan Jackson
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: May 29th

This review could also come with a warning for Rebekah Isaacs and Christos Gage gushing, because man oh man do they hit the head on the nail with this one. Hardly surprising as Angel and Faith so far has been miles better than Buffy season 9. The storylines, better, more amusing and the graphics far superior. I hardly have anything to complain about in any of my reviews. Anyway, back to this issue.
Today is the day we get reunited with Giles and as we know he left a huge musty smelling tweed pattered librarian shaped hole after Angel offed him in season 8, and now they have gone and done it, they brought him back! But, and this is a big but, they brought him back as an angsty 12 year old. Rather similar to a certain Mr Potter in whatever book it is when he is running around with a red flag over his eyes. However, everyone is very happy to see him, especially Faith, and there is a scene between the two on the roof which is brilliant! Moving, touching and ending in total pre-teen hormonal embarrassment. Without giving it all away, it mentions a roll of pound coins in Giles pocket.

After the reunion is over and done with, they start making plans for going to go fight the big, bad Whistler, Pearl and Nash. All of them, excluding Giles’s lovely sisters
decide that if this battle kills them, they do not want to be brought back again. Then they set off to a rooftop in Hackney, containing the laser-eyed siblings and their philosopher boss. The last words coming from Whistler when he says “It all ends here”.

This issue easily could have been a bit of a filler, as the big battle doesn’t happen, BUT instead it is the culmination off all previous 21 issues with the bringing back of Giles. Little Giles granted, but this twist is actually very funny. I have high hopes for a great ending. There is lots of mentioning of Buffy and even the deeper well (where the scoobies are headed to in the last issue of Buffy season 9), hopefully it will bring both storylines together and maybe some of the greatness of Angel and Faith can rub off on Buffy season 9. If you haven’t already read any of Angel and Faith I command you to go and do so straight away *stern mum face*!

Helena Jidborg Alexander

Helena is a Swede living in the UK, a Whedonverse obsessed nerd who spends most of her time online as a web editor. Married to someone she met in 1998 known as Deckard in an #industrial IRC channel, they now have two sons, Tycho and Huxley. Loves cleaver TV-series, blippy music, Sushi, A.M Homes books, Heidy Kenney Urban Vinyl figures and comic book heroines..oh and Spike, She does love Spike a lot.


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