Treachery, alliances and angry balloons. A review of Buffy season 9 the Core part 2

By | Posted on 18 June 2013

A lot of fighting in this issue, however I actually think it picks itself up and gets on with the story (finally.) This review contains some spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Andrew Chambliss
PENCILS: Georges Jeanty
INKS: Dexter Vines
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: June 12th

Buffy, Willow and Xander are taking on the council outside the UK entrance to the deeper well. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Good you say? Ok, the scoobies get unexpected help from Illyria and Koh who show up at the battlefield rather surprised that Buffy is attacking the council. But they don’t need much persuasion and they all join forces. We get a bit of Koh background story here (he was falsely accused of killing his family). I guess we should pay some attention to this as Buffy tends to be filled with twists and turns. So the gang fights on. The bad news? Well we already knew it, but Xander comes clean to Buffy that he had betrayed her and sold them out to the Siphon and Simone. Buffy is rather annoyed and says “I now not only have to save Dawn, I have to save the world…again”.

At the other entrance to the deeper well we finally get to see what that pesky red balloon is capable off, it more or less turns into a huge big demony mass thing. But the Siphon still manages to take it on, by putting his hands on the little girl’s head (for people not familiar with these two, the girl is holding on to the balloon at all times, but it is the latexy one that does all the talking) which makes the balloon go pop. Et voila, free entry to the well.

Meanwhile back in San Francisco Spike is bonding with Dawn over retelling her how they found out she was the key. This whole scene is very touching and we find out at the end that Spike is also starting to forget Dawn and he runs off to get a tape recorder to remind himself in case he forgets more.

My least favourite part is following Billy, Anaheed and Andrew. Billy gets a skype call from his Watcher, who tells him he needs to come back home as zompires are overrunning the place. Billy and Anaheed decide to take off (good thing Spike showed up to watch Dawn huh?). If it wasn’t for the fact that I saw Billy is featured in the next Dark Horse presents, I would have thought it had all gone a bit “Days of our lives” where unpopular characters get a hasty exit, such as going to the shops and never returning.

The two however leave a message for Buffy with Spike regarding Simone, something we don’t find out…yet

So the issue has picked up pace a bit, we got rid of Billy and we are getting ready for a big clash. All of which are good. Sadly I am still not getting on with the artwork, maybe I should stop comparing it with that of Angel and Faith, but really the characters are looking less and less like they should be. Spike looks gormless for Christ sake…he is NOT GORMLESS!!! Anyway, that aside, not a bad issue, looking forward to the next. And heck…I might even read the Billy story in Dark Horse presents…

Helena Jidborg Alexander

Helena is a Swede living in the UK, a Whedonverse obsessed nerd who spends most of her time online as a web editor. Married to someone she met in 1998 known as Deckard in an #industrial IRC channel, they now have two sons, Tycho and Huxley. Loves cleaver TV-series, blippy music, Sushi, A.M Homes books, Heidy Kenney Urban Vinyl figures and comic book heroines..oh and Spike, She does love Spike a lot.


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