Teen Wolf Recap/Review- 3×09 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”

By | Posted on 30 July 2013


Tonight’s episode begins with an officer walking down some very creepy hallways (presumably in the school). Some kids (who almost give the poor woman a heart attack) walk past and she tells them that a 911 call was made and they need to leave. When she calls dispatch, there’s no answer but instead she hears chanting. As she walks through the locker room, one with a shower on, she sees a vision of herself lying on the ground dead right before something actually attacks her and kills her. She ends up in the very position. At this point, Scott and Stiles drive up to meet Allison and Lydia, the latter of which who has ended up at the school presumably because of another death connected to the paranormal. They find the body of the officer dead on the Beacon Hills High School sign.

Back at school, Stiles is trying to listen in to his father’s conversation as he discusses the case with other officers but his dad catches him. He warns him not to get himself involved. Allison is lying in bed when her father comes to talk to her about going to some recital and it appears as if she’s not up to going. She then gets out of bed and grabs a knife and manages to uncover Isaac who has been spying on her. A worried Scott sent him to check on her. Back at school, Scott, Stiles, and Lydia are in class. Ms. Blake is teaching when she walks by Lydia drawing a tree (is this significant?). She seems to balk when she looks at Scott (something to do with Derek?) and keeps going talking about idioms and metaphors. Scott and Stiles discuss how inseparable Ethan and Aidan have been as of late. Aidan warns Ethan to stay away from Danny (since apparently they were suspicious of him) or he’ll hurt him (to put it nicely). He says they’re not here to play fun and games but to destroy a pack. Scott and Stiles try to think of a way to split the twins up so they can talk to Ethan. The most obvious choice being Lydia of course..Lydia and Aidan are then making out (hypocrite much?) when a symbol is drawn into the window: the symbol of vengeance. Aidan automatically assumes it’s Derek.

Scott and Stiles are talking with Ethan about what’s been going on and the Alpha pack  when he feels a pain in his chest. Scott asks if he’s hurt to which he replies that it’s not him, but his brother. Aidan and Cora are fighting it out in the locker room (that rooms sees A LOT of action) and land some major blows on each other before Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Ethan jump in. Scott and Ethan are able to calm down Aidan while Lydia and Stiles look over Cora, who is badly hurt. Isaac an Allison look over her father’s map of where he found bodies. Underneath they find a Celtic symbol which has writing on it under a black light: Virgins, Guardians, Warriors, Healers, and Philosophers.

Cora is cleaning herself up when Stiles questions why she went after him. She tells them she was trying to get revenge for Boyd and how the Alpha pack seems to do whatever they want. Ms. Blake walks out to a tunnel where Derek comes out to meet her and it’s obvious they haven’t seen each other in awhile. They share a special moment before the bell rings. Ms. Morell walks in to her office where she, unpleasantly, finds Scott waiting. Stiles is driving Cora somewhere when he gets a call from Allison and Isaac, where she warns him to tell his dad the truth about everything and to watch out for him. She believes “guardians” might stand for law enforcement after the officer killed the night before. Scott questions if Ms. Morell is the one killing people or suggesting who to kill, but she isn’t. He then talks about what Deucalion wants with him and she says he wants to make a killer out of Scott so that he won’t be able to become a “True Alpha”. She says that he’s too smart for them and already has everything planned out. A teacher is writing on the chalkboard but he turns around and when he turns back, there  symbol Isaac and Allison found is on the board. He drops the chalk but when someone leans to pick it up, it’s Lydia. She stands up and draws a 2 in part of the symbol right before she starts screaming bloody murder.

Ms. Blake is trying to find out what’s going on with Lydia and the missing teacher. Lydia is trying to tell her how he was “taken like the others”. She tries to tell them she’s psychic and that the number she wrote on the board means something. Stiles is trying to tell his dad the truth about the town (talk about a looooong story), along with Cora. He tries to find a good way to explain all the unsolved cases by comparing it to a board, his dad hasn’t been seeing the whole board in the game. Isaac and Allison work together to find out where someone is. Stiles and his dad “play” a game of chess as he explains everything to his dad with Cora’s help. His dad doesn’t believe him and starts to leave frustratedly, so he tries to get Cora to show him.  But she collapses and Stiles’ dad tells him to call an ambulance. Allison and Scott show up to a warehouse to find what her dad’s been up to and to find out if he might be the killer. Isaac knows it’s a terrible idea and as they walk in Isaac smells blood. They see the teacher from earlier tied up and being killed by the mysterious creature just as Allison’s dad pops out with guns blazing. Scott relays the information to Stiles and they figure out that they’re not after “Guardians” as in officers, but teachers. There’s still one to go and all of Beacon Hills’ teachers are headed to the Memorial Concert.

Allison and her dad argue about things going on. Stiles and his dad argue about what he’s told him and Stiles wishes he would just listen and believe him. When his dad yells that he his listening an starts to walk away, Stiles says that his mom would believe him (the feels..).  At the concert hall, Ethan gives Danny a breath mint so he can blow smell good things at the audience or something. Lydia finally gives in to whatever is going on with her and wants to find whoever is next before its too late so that Scott can do something about it. Derek sits by Cora’s bedside and they don’t know what’s wrong with her. Stiles’ dad tries to find out about a case in the hospital from years before an Ms. McCall is there to help. Allison and Isaac arrive at the concert hall along with her dad. Everyone is looking around suspiciously at the concert as Lydia goes off to find something. Ms. McCall and Mr. Stilinski discuss a previous case involving a woman who died on the same day strange things happened with birds. They decide that the birds were sacrificing themselves not for something, but for someone. Lydia walks into a classroom and recognizes the chanting sounds just as someone walks up behind her and knocks her out. Ms. Blake.

Scott and Stiles run out yelling for Lydia and get no response. Suddenly the concert hall music turns terrifying and the weird chanting starts up making everyone uneasy. The orchestra and chorus almost seem possessed as they sing and play. Lydia wakes up to Ms. Blake tying her up saying something about sacrifices and the Alpha Pack. She says that Lydia is just a girl who knows too much and Ms. Blake tries to strangle her. Lydia screams and it reaches all the werewolves. Ms. Blake tells Lydia she’s a banshee, a wailing woman. Hence the connection to the supernatural..in the concert hall, one of the piano strings snaps and slashes the throat of the pianist, killing her. Ms. Blake is about to kill Lydia when Mr. Stilinski shows up. She throws the knife and it hits him. When Scott tries to interfere she easily takes him down. Stiles tries to break through the door to help but she’s blocked it and before he can break through she takes his dad. Stiles and Scott can only look on in horror.


“The Girl Who Knew Too Much” gave us a lot of answers while raising twice as many. Ms. Blake is revealed as the sacrificial killer and as much as I’ve learned to expect the unexpected on this show, I did NOT see that one coming. We keep seeing her in another form though, so what exactly is she? The episode also unveiled that Lydia is a banshee, that’s a new one! After nearly one and half seasons we finally have answers. Werewolves are supposed to heal from injuries, so what is the cause of Cora’s hospitalization? And how does Ms. Blake fit into that? Poor Derek is going to be in for one heck of a surprise, as if he hasn’t been through enough lately. Stiles and his father pulled at my heartstrings the whole episode, they need each other and that’s obvious. While it seemed inevitable, Stiles’ dad being taken may make the biggest impact we’ve seen on Stiles in awhile. I liked the teamwork of Allison and Isaac, but there better not be anything more going on there (#teamscallisonforever).

Final Thoughts:

- Who is Ms. Blake really? What is she? And how are these events going to unfold with Derek in the mix?

- How cool was it to see Lydia finally give in to her..gift?

- What do you think of the detective duo Isaac and Allison?

- How many talents do these kids have? Seriously? Danny alone plays lacrosse AND now can apparently play trumpet..

- How do these kids get by in school? Stiles drives off with Cora, Lydia takes a break for a make-out session and no one says a word..what?

Until next week Teen Wolf fans! Nighty night, don’t let the psycho teacher bite!

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