Under the Dome ‘The Fire’ Review and Recap

By | Posted on 04 July 2013

Hello everyone.  As promised here is the recap and review for the second episode of Under the Dome.  So let’s begin.  We start off with a vision of Barbie killing Peter.  He wakes up with a start.  He then begins frantically searching for something.  Julia come in because she heard him yelling in his sleep.  He says he can’t find his dog tags.  She says she will look for them.

Linda is holding Dukes body on the road.  Two deputies arrive who we will learn to call Freddie and Paul.  Linda tells them to keep people away from walls because it affects things with batteries.  At Joe’s house Joe walks out the door followed by Ben.  Joe asks if he said anything while he was seizing and Ben tells him he said something about pink stars.  Joe checks on the progress of the diggers trying to tunnel under.  Ben mentions something about their trigonometry test.  Joe gets an idea to use trig to map out the Dome for holes. utd_102_05b

At the radio station Dodee is having trouble with the signal.  It finally comes through and both she and Phil hear the military talk about a Dome.  The two of them debate on whether or not to tell the people.  In the dinner Jim gets the generator working restoring power to the place.  Norrie’s moms come down the stairs.  We are introduced to them as Karolyn and Alice.  They tell Jim that their daughter had a seizure.  Outside of Julia’s house Barbie finds her trying to get the soldiers’ attention but isn’t having any luck.  She even says she stripped.  (Although I personally doubt she did that.)  She says to Barbie that she thinks the military did this as a test.  She sees one of the men on the other side use a radio.  She gets in her car and drives off the radio station.

We then go the bunker where Angie is trapped.  Junior opens the door and Angie tries to get away but he grabs her and ties her leg up.  He says she is sick and that he wants the old Angie back.  He doesn’t want to take her to the hospital because Barbie might be there.  He tells her that he knows that Barbie and she are seeing each other.  Angie tells him no.  Junior believes that Angie loves him.  In a desperate act of defiance she says that and I quote, “He screwed my brains out and I loved it.  I loved it more than I ever did with you.”  Junior leaves the bunker in silence.

In from what looked to be the coroners place Jim and Linda are looking at Dukes body.  Linda asks about the secrets Duke spoke of but Jim says he doesn’t know what she is talking about.  At that moment Reverend Coggins walks in.  Linda leaves.  Jim slams Coggins against the wall and gets angry for him being high.  He reminds him that the only reason they are in this is because they tried to save Chester’s Mill. (Does this mean Jim had something to do with the Dome?)  They both leave to go clean up their mess.

On a road somewhere Joe is doing some math when Barbie walks up.  Joe tells him that he estimates the wall is 10 miles across.  Barbie walks off.  Ben asks Joe where Barbie is from.  Joe replies that he isn’t from here because he is cool. It seems like Barbie is rubbing off on Joe.  At the radio station Julia walks in just in time to hear part of the military broadcast.  We cut to the police station.  Linda finds Jim in Duke’s office.  Jim hands her Dukes will.  Duke has left her his house.  Jim goes outside and gets in his SUV with Coggins.  He tells him that the file wasn’t in Duke’s office and to go to his house before Linda gets there.

Back at the radio station Julia hears the military call it a Dome.  She goes on the air and tells everyone that they are under a Dome.  In the dinner Karolyn asks what that means to which Norrie says it means they are all going to die.   Linda walks outside and is followed by Deputy Paul.  Paul argues with her about their situation and that they should blow up the Dome.  Freddie and Linda walk off.  We learn that Freddie is Linda’s brother-in-law.    On the road somewhere Jim stops a man from bulldozing his way out.  The man asks who is in charge after finding out Duke is dead.  At another part of the Dome Joe and Ben see the military spraying water on it.  Joe touches it and his hand Untitledgets a little wet.  He calls the Dome a sieve.  At a gas station Barbie buys cigarettes to trade depending on how long the Dome lasts for.    He walks off and unbeknownst to him Junior follows him.

We then go back to the radio station where Julia hears the military talk about how they have no idea how to break through.  This brings her to the conclusion that the military didn’t do it.  She then questions who did.  We then go to Barbie who has returned to the scene of the murder.  He finds Peter’s gun only to find that it is not loaded.  He finds his dog tags and gets up only to see Junior standing there.  Junior accuses him of screwing Angie there and attacks him.  Barbie wins the fight and warns him to leave him alone.

At Duke’s house Coggins opens the door with a key he lifted earlier.  He finds the documents about the secrets and sets it on fire.  Now this next part confuses me a little.  It seems as though he intentionally set the house on fire but doesn’t leave.  He curls up in a corner in fear.

Somewhere along the Dome Joe and Ben find a dog named Truman who has apparently been standing next part of his master’s body ever since the Dome came down.  They look into the distance and see smoke.  They both run off and Joe calls for Truman to follow and for some reason after days of being with his master Truman turns and follows Joe without a second thought.  On a road somewhere Paul stops Linda and Freddie.  He gives them weapons for when the towns’ folk lose it.  They hear a call about the fire on the radio and drive away.  Jim also hears the radio call and goes to the house.

We are now at the house and Jim is there.  He hears Coggins call for help from inside but he doesn’t do anything.  Linda and the other Deputies arrive and tell the onlookers to get garden hoses.   The fire department is on the other side of the Dome so they can’t help.  Julia arrives and calls Barbie over.  She says that it hasn’t rained in weeks and if they don’t put the fire out the whole town could burn down.  Linda hears Coggins and runs in to get him.  Jim watches for a few moments and gets in his SUV and drives off.  Linda pulls Coggins out of the house seconds before the propane tank next to it exploded.

The onlookers are rallied by Barbie who lets up a water bucket line.  Joe is videotaping the whole thing and happens to see Norrie and tapes her for a few seconds, she also sees him and smiles. (I spot a hint of attraction there.  Are they going to have a relationship?)  The fire is not dying and Linda notices the fence catch on fire.  At that moment Jim comes down the street in a bulldozer and knocks the house down.  After that the fire is quickly put out.

We then go to the bunker where Junior has just arrived.  He tells Angie that he killed Barbie, but she doesn’t believe him.  She says she has known him since third grade and knows that he isn’t capable of doing such a thing.  He gives her a folded piece of paper and leaves.  She opens it to see pictures of the two of them.

Our final scene takes place at the house again.  Julia notices the dog tags and asks where they were.  Barbie tells her that they were hanging on the mirror.  However, she says she checked there first.  The look on her face suggests she knows that he is hiding something.  Linda walks over to Jim and Coggins.  She asks Coggins what he was doing in the house and he makes up a lie.  She then walks away.  A few minutes later Jim congratulates the citizens who had gathered on a job well done.  He tells them that if they work together like they did today they will overcome any crisis.  Paul then comes in and says that they are all going to die.  He points out the smoke that had gathered at the top of the Dome.  He pulls out his gun to keep Jim away.  He turns and shoots the Dome several times.  The bullets ricochet off killing Freddie.  Barbie tackles Paul and disarms him.  Meanwhile Joe gets it all on tape.  The episode ends with the camera zooming out showing the people under the Dome and soldiers outside the Dome.

Alright there were a lot of unrealistic and stupid things done in this episode.  For example, why the frak did Coggins not leave the house?  He set the evidence on fire but then found it necessary to set the whole house on fire.  And then like an idiot he trapped himself in.  And to be honest I don’t even know what his true intentions were.  He was snickering throughout the whole ordeal, but at times he actually seemed concerned.  It was very confusing.

Something that is unrealistic is how calm everyone is.  Umm reality check, you are under a fraking Dome.  Why are you all not panicking?  The only person that responded normally to the crisis is Paul.  He is nervous as heck and is freaking out.  Yes shooting at the wall was a little too much, but other than that his reactions were normal.  Out of everyone in the town the only person that actually is focusing on the problem is Joe.  He is mapping out the Dome, looking for holes, and even trying to find a power source.   The first night of the Dome coming down he began this.  I feel that the only hope of a solution lies with Joe.  Everyone else is too busy naming the Dome among other things.

Another thing that doesn’t make sense is why Junior would kidnap Angie.  What would that even accomplish?  Holding Angie in a bunker will not solve his problem.  What is his problem?  Well he seems to be out of his fraking mind and delusional.  He is acting like someone who hasn’t taken their medication in a few days.  To add on to this, Angie has been gone for a while, how come Joe hasn’t noticed her disappearance?  They live together for crying out loud.  If it was only a couple hours I can understand but it has been a day.

Other than those problems the episode was pretty good.  The story line progressed at a steady pace.  An important thing that was revealed to us is that the Dome is semi-permeable.  This means that it is possible for matter to pass through.  Now from what we have learned only liquid matter not solid matter can pass.  Yes only a little bit of Untitled1water came through but the fact remains that it did come through.  This means that air can also pass through.  However, from the smoke gathering at the top it is obvious the air that gets through is not enough.  Which means air cannot pass through fast enough to provide ample amounts of oxygen which means only one thing; everyone will suffocate when the oxygen runs out.  So they only have a finite amount of time.  Which means currently, unless people decide to do someone, Joe is their only hope.

There is another conflict that has arisen as well.  From Julia’s expression when she told Barbie that she had already checked the mirror for his dog tags, we can tell that she is suspicious and knows that he is hiding something.  It is now only a matter of time until she finds out the truth.  On another note, now that we know that the military didn’t make the Dome what are your guesses about where it came from?  An alien race, another country, some freak atmospheric occurrence, or a secret government operation even the military doesn’t know of?  Let me know in the comment section below along with your thoughts on this episode.  Another thing you could leave comments on is what you think will happen between Joe and Norrie.  They both made eye contact and smiled.  After all they both had the same kind of seizure and said the same thing.  They may be connected.  What do you think?  Well that is all for now.  I will talk to you all next week.  Don’t forget to watch an all new episode of Under the Dome Monday at 10/9 C on CBS.

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  • Christine

    I’m hoping for an early cancellation followed by a good replacement series. This is just awful. I so wanted to like it…I really did.

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