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US Remake of ‘Broadchurch’ – Casting News & New Series Name

Posted on 18 November 2013 by

BBC America has just posted some news concerning the American remake of Broadchurch which is scheduled to air on Fox next season.  Alongside David Tennant will be Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) and Jackie Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook).  Gunn is set to play Ellie Miller, the role originally filled by Olivia Colman in the British Broadchurch, [...]

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Broadchurch Gets U.S. Remake On Fox – David Tennant To Star

Posted on 03 October 2013 by

File this under Good News/Bad News. Even though it’s already been announced that the ITV original drama Broadchurch is getting a second series, American broadcast network FOX has announced they’re remaking the show.  On top of that, they’ve snagged David Tennant to reprise his role as Detective Alec Hardy, but according to Deadline.com he’s going [...]

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Broadchurch 108 Finale Review – People Are Unknowable

Posted on 25 September 2013 by

That phrase in the title was taken from something David Tenant’s character, Alec Hardy, says in this episode.  It’s his way of trying to explain why people sometimes act in ways we just can’t understand. We find out who the killer is early on in the episode when Danny’s missing phone is turned on.  Hardy [...]

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Broadchurch 107 Review – Closing In On A Killer

Posted on 18 September 2013 by

After last week’s collapse during the chase for the killer, Hardy ends up in the hospital again.  He suffers from arrhythmia which nearly killed him that night.  Doctors want to implant a pacemaker, but they’re not sure he’ll survive the operation.  Those around him keep asking him why he took this case if he knew [...]

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Broadchurch 106 Review – Coming To Grips With Loss and Grief

Posted on 11 September 2013 by

The town gathers for the funeral of Jack Marshall who tragically took his own life last week.  Hardy and Miller keep watch for unusual behavior at the wake.  They surmise the killer will be there so they’re looking for anyone acting strangely.  At the front door, Tom Miller tells Chloe that he was not friends [...]

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Broadchurch 105 Review – More Accusations, More Tragedy

Posted on 04 September 2013 by

After a somber evening attended by much of the town reconstructing Danny Latimer’s final path before his murder, Beth and Mark discuss his cheating.  This is when she tells him about her pregnancy, which throws yet another wrench into their completely wrecked lives. Everyone seems to be suspecting Jack Marshall after the revelation of his [...]

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Broadchurch Review: Episode 104 – Everyone’s Got A Past

Posted on 28 August 2013 by

The burning boat seen at the close of last week’s episode is discovered to have strands of hair in it which is a big break for the investigation.  Miller learns that Susan Wright lied to then when she said Mark Latimer didn’t fix a broken pipe in the hut, but Susan continues to deny he [...]

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Broadchurch Episode 104 Preview Trailer & Synopsis

Posted on 25 August 2013 by

Last week’s episode brought about a number of revelations about the case and what drives some of the people of Broadchurch.  While the reasons behind Mark Latimer’s suspicious behavior have been revealed, he’s not off the hook as a suspect, at least in DI Hardy’s head.  After we discovered that Hardy had worked a previous [...]

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Broadchurch Review: Episode 103 – Daddy Issues

Posted on 21 August 2013 by

After last week’s cagey behavior when interviewed by DI Hardy, Mark Latimer is called in to the police station for questioning.  Hardy’s not buying Mark’s weak story about being unable to remember the name of the friend he was out with the night Danny was killed.  When Mark conveniently remembers it was his employee, Nige, [...]

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Broadchurch Episode 103 Preview Trailer & Episode Synopsis

Posted on 18 August 2013 by

Last week’s episode revealed the murder scene to be the hut by the beach, but in revealing crucial evidence it also raises questions.  The biggest question being how did the body of Danny Latimer end up a mile down the beach if he was killed in the hut? When episode two ended Danny’s father, Mark, [...]

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Broadchurch Review: Episode 102 – Persons of Interest

Posted on 14 August 2013 by

As word of Danny’s murder spreads through town the small local police station is overrun with calls.  Spread thin and short on staff, DI Hardy wants to focus the priority on finding Danny Latimer’s missing mobile phone and skateboard, both of which could provide much needed clues to where he was murdered and, hopefully, the [...]

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Broadchurch Episode 102 Preview Trailer & Full Episode 101 Online

Posted on 12 August 2013 by

Last week’s premiere episode of Broadchurch saw the quiet seaside town rocked by the death of young Danny Latimer.  We were introduced to a spate of characters who are all connected by this tragedy.  Leading the investigation are DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller who are very different people both professionally and personally.  In [...]

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Broadchurch Review: Episode 101 – A Peaceful Town Is Shaken

Posted on 07 August 2013 by

The town of Broadchurch is a small, quiet, seaside village that is readying itself for the summer influx of beach-going travelers on holiday.  It’s the kind of town where everybody seems to know everybody else, but as is typical for most small towns, a lot of what they think they know is really nothing more [...]

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David Tennant Returns In “Broadchurch” – Trailer

Posted on 16 July 2013 by

Fans of Doctor Who know they’ll get another glimpse of David Tennant on November 23 in the big 50th anniversary special, but you’ll get to see plenty of “Number Ten” very soon on BBC America.  The hit Brit drama Broadchurch will be landing stateside beginning Wednesday, August 7 at 10/9c for an 8 episode run [...]

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Perception – Pilot Recap

Posted on 10 July 2012 by

Let me just begin by saying that if you haven’t watched this episode this recap contains spoilers.  If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read this article.  If you read this article and get upset that it has spoilers you probably should avoid the internet.  Thank you. The inaugural episode opens on a classroom scene where [...]

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