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Fringe Review – Forced Perspective

Posted on 03 March 2012 by

In “Forced Perspective,” Olivia is still reeling from the previous episode’s last minute revelation, when she was visited by an Observer, who told her that her untimely death was inevitable. While trying to figure out who, exactly, the mysterious man was (remember, in this new Timeline our heroes have never come across the Observers) a [...]

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Fringe Review – Enemy Of My Enemy

Posted on 06 February 2012 by

The episode “Enemy Of My Enemy,” saw the two universes teaming up to take the mysterious David Robert Jones, and his army of new and improved shape-shifters. There were a lot of things to like in this episode. First of all, it saw the Fringe teams of both universes working together directly. We’ve seen certain [...]

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Fringe Review – Back to Where You’ve Never Been

Posted on 20 January 2012 by

“Back to Where You’ve Never Been,” saw Peter taking a trip to the alternate universe, after realizing that Walternate (Walter’s “over there” double who, in that version of the universe, is the Secretary of Defense) was the only man who could help him get back to his home timeline, as “our” version of Walter was [...]

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Fringe Review – Wallflower

Posted on 06 December 2011 by

In “Wallflower,” the Fall finale of Fringe, the show did what it did best: using sci-fi candy coating to get to the human-drama gooey center. “Wallflower” saw the Fringe team investigating a series of bizarre murders where the skin and hair of the victims turned white postmortem. Even stranger, is that all of the murders [...]

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Fringe Review – And Those We’ve Left Behind

Posted on 14 November 2011 by

Throughout this season the concept of time has been a major theme that the show has been exploring. “And Those We’ve Left Behind,” continued this trend, as the Fringe team investigated a series of time displacement events that were happening around the city. “And Those We’ve Left Behind,” saw the Fringe Team investigating a series [...]

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Fringe Review – Novation

Posted on 08 November 2011 by

“What went wrong?” Last Friday’s episode, “Novation,” saw Peter Bishop wrestling with this question, as he dealt with returning to a version of existence very different than the one he left behind. There were two main plot-lines traveling through “Novation.” The first involved the ramifications of Peter’s re-insertion into the timeline, and what his sudden arrival meant [...]

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Fringe Review – Subject 9

Posted on 17 October 2011 by

“Where is Peter Bishop,” is a question that fans of Fringe will no longer have to ask themselves as this week’s episode of Fringe, “Subject 9,” finally answered that question, in what was easily the strongest episode of the season so far. “Subject 9″ opened up in Olivia Dunham’s apartment at 5:59am, as she was [...]

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Fringe Review – Alone in the World

Posted on 08 October 2011 by

This week’s episode of Fringe featured the team investigating a young boy that had somehow survived a deadly fungus that killed, and decomposed, those infected within hours. This episode took place “over-here”, and it is going to be interesting to see if the over-here/over-there episode pattern will keep going from last season, or if “our” [...]

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Fringe Review – One Night In October

Posted on 05 October 2011 by

The second episode of Fringe’s fourth season, “One Night In October,” was a strong episode, that worked well as a stand-alone story without veering into formulaic “case of the week” territory. There were also nice moments that tied into the show’s overall mythology, and as a whole the episode did well at developing the reluctant [...]

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Fringe Review – Neither Here Nor There

Posted on 25 September 2011 by

  After what seemed like one of the longest hiatus’s I’ve ever had to endure, Fringe finally returned this past Friday night for it’s 4th season in full force. The season opener picked up where last season left off, providing just as many questions as it answered in true Fringe fashion. For those not in [...]

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