Countdown to Critical MASS — Meet the Top 5 of the #fsincentivized crew!

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By: Robert Prentice August 4, 2011

Over the past few days, we’ve sent out requests to the top five scoring members of the Klout Perks/Falling Skies Army of Influence to answer some questions. As one of those top five myself, I thought it was time to show that we’re not just a bunch of hashtagging crazy people! So, meet the Top 5 [listed by the current standing in the Army of Influence challenge]

Shannon ( @Hokuboku ) — She’s got racks on racks on racks … of wine!
Arthur ( @SpeedBrkr ) — Quite the ‘spritely’ gamer geek!
Kimberly ( @kimmyxoxo ) — A sweet mama peach straight from Georgia!
Sookie ( @sookietex ) — The lady’s not a vamp, but she knows how to make waves when you surf the web!
Bryan [me!] ( @DieselBT ) — The guy writing this post! [Yes, really!]

Coming up next: Mini Interviews of each of our #fsincentivzed Army of Influence Top 5!

Robert Prentice