Countdown to Critical MASS — Meet the Top 5 — @Hokuboku

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By: Robert Prentice August 4, 2011

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Shannon. Born and raised in NY. Fueled by Pepsi Max.

What do you do? (For work, for fun, for… whatever!)

I work as the Social Media Manager for the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest as well as I also host a weekly bad movie night because, well, I’m a gal who grew up on MST3k. When it comes to hobbies, I enjoy video games, cinema, taking photos and traveling. I also may or may not be addicted to the internet.

Why do you want to win the #fsincentivized promo?

I’ve always been a giant sci-fi nerd so I instantly liked Falling Skies. I’d love to see what goes into a show like it and meet the cast. I’m particularly interested in meeting those who helped design the aliens. It would also be great to take my first plane flight!

What will you do if you win?

Jump up and down several times while screaming with joy? Oh, you mean after that. I’d take a slew of pictures and chronicle the event for all those who helped me win to enjoy. I think I also promised to poke Noah Wyle. I may have to check with his people on that one 😉

Follow her on Twitter at: @Hokuboku

Robert Prentice