Doctor Who: The God Complex

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Whats creepier then being stuck in a 1980’s style hotel whose halls are all the same and get you lost? What is more scary then opening the door to a room and seeing your worst fear right in front of you?

Apparently the creepier and scarier thing is what happens when your blind devotion to something results in your death! This weeks doctor who jumped into an interesting confined story whose actual plot was subliminal and hard to notice until the very end. Stuck in a hotel a group of survivors, including the doctor, Amy and Rory must find out how to get out.

As the roam the halls searching for clues, they discover their worst fears when they enter the rooms. Amy sees the weeping angels, the women doctor sees her father, and as they see their fears, they fall back on their faith in god or their believe that it isnt real and it results in them “praising” a minotaur style creature who ends up taking their lives.

We learn the creature is a warden, and this is a prison and he wants to leave as much as they do. The doctor walks into a room and sees his fear, but it is not revealed to us. However he says “of course it was you, it had to be you”. Who do you think the doctor saw? It wasnt until Amy was about to be killed that they all realized how the creature worked and the doctor knew what Amys faith was, the one thing that she fell back on all the time: The Doctor.

The doctor knew, he had a complex, a god complex. He was always trying to save everyone, not caring about them but only how he could save the day. It results in him saving Amy after he tells her to no longer depend on him, that he wont be there for her. We end the episode with the doctor leaving Amy and Rory behind, with a new flat and a car. The doctor doesnt want to see Amy killed, he knows the fate of his companions from over the millenia. Where will the doctor go now? What about Amys baby? What about Amy?


“Shes Clever, Amy your fired!” – The Doctor

“What?” – Amy

“Just kidding, *wispers* (call me)” – The Doctor

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