Doctor Who:The Girl Who Waited Review

This week on doctor who they decide to stop on a planet the doctor thinks is a paradise. When they arrive they find themselves in a quarantine facility on the planet where a 24 hour plague has destroyed most of the population.

The facility is designed to have 2 rooms, green anchor and red waterfall. Each room has a different time stream to allow loved ones to enjoy time with their family member who is infectied allowing 24 hours for them while the sick have years pass them by.

Amy ends up in the time stream that is passing by at a much faster rate then Rory and the doctor and they must find a way to get back her. However by the time they find here 36 years have passed for her and Amy is bitter.

This episode has shown us in the most up front way the heart ache and pain that those involved with the doctor suffer. Amy hates the doctor for making her wait 36 years and does not want to go back with them. The doctor gets a taste of the hate and pain he causes those around him. The very same hate that had half the universe after him. Soon they recover the young Amy but must leave the older one behind, which will leave a lasting effect on Rory, Amy and The Doctor.


Karens acting (Amy) was brilliant. She had to pull off the emotional mindset of someone left alone for 36 years. She pulled off the emotion, and body language


This story was a stand alone that didn’t advance the main plot lines. But I think we will find that this may have some lasting after effects for Rory and the Doctor at a later point


“And there it is, the voice of god” -Amy

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