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Falling Skies Behind The Scenes – Season 2 Pre-Production

We may still be 8 months away from seeing Season 2 of Falling Skies, and production may have only just begun but there is plenty to talk about. Just this past week the cast headed out to Vancouver to get started with training and reading of scripts. Shooting of episodes hasnt begun yet but pre-production has. This includes training the actors on vehicles, guns and fighting.

Peter Shinkoda and Connor Jessup at Gun Training. Falling Skies Season 2. Courtesy of Drew Roy

As Drew Roy put it, the smell of gun powder in the morning :). Above is a photo of Connor Jessup (Ben) and Peter Shinkoda (Dai) at gun training for season 2. It would seem, since we left off season 1 unsure of what will happen to their father Tom (Noah Wyle), the Mason brothers all will be picking up weapons to defend against the skitters. Even the youngest Mason brother, Matt Mason (Maxim Knight) is picking up a gun. Peter tells us this about Matt: “Little Maxim was showing US how to effectively shoot kneecaps!”.

Mpho (Anthony) at his wardrobe fitting for Season 2.

Colin Cunningham (Pope) and Mpho (Anthony) both report getting their first fittings for their wardrobe and having read the first episodes of the season and both say its going to be a lot of fun. Colin had this to say about the first episode of season 2: “Just got finished reading Ep. #1 of Season Two. And it’s FANTASTIC. Starts with a bang and kicks serious ASS all the way through. Yes!!”. Besides simply trying outfits on the crew is also training on motorcycles and fight training to get themselves ready for the Skitter action coming with Season 2.

In some casting news. Brandon Jay McLaren from The Killing, has been cast in a recurring role for season 2. According to The Hollywood Reporter he will be playing “Sunil Chutani who’s described as a handsome and overwhelmed mechanic who has spent a fortune on an Ivy League engineering degree and was just days away from launching an IPO when the aliens hit.” His first appearance will be on the season 2 premiere.

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Besides on the set fun, the cast spend time with eachother off set. The youngest of the group, Connor, Maxim and Dylan also spend time with their tutors for school. As Connor put it: “Tutoring with Maxim and Dylan Authors. Not quite as much fun as weapons training”. Maxim even spills the beans that Connor is trying to put on some muscle for the upcoming season. Whether thats Maxim egging Connor on or fact, well we shall see what happens as production begins. Checkout the gallery above of the cast of set enjoying the town and be sure to follow us, TNT and the cast on twitter for up to date information on production as it happens.

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