Grimm Review – Pilot

By: Robert Prentice
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Thanks to @Grimm i got a sneak peek at NBC’s Grimm before it aired for broadcast. OMG! from the first few seconds i was hooked. i don’t want to give away too much about the action because the suspense, a bit of winking humor and [mild] horror of Grimm are what make it work. Suffice it to say that NBC’s Grimm places the plots villains and victims of the classic Grimm’s Faerie Tales neatly into the modern world.

Grimm is like a stew comprised of bits of many of my past and present tv favs: a bit of Charmed—Grimm’s protagonist has a familial destiny to protect innocents and there’s an heirloom book and other trinkets to assist in the task. A touch of TrueBlood, Angel, and Supernatural, because of the creatures that morph into beings that are something other than human and not all of them are bad guys even if they might have been thought to have been at first glance. A dash of Legend of The Seeker—the lush beauty of the pacific northwest rivaling that of the Seeker’s New Zealand locales. And a pinch of The X Files coupled with every great cop show that had partners with good chemistry.

Grimm is set in Portland, Oregon and the two main characters are homicide detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin. In the pilot episode’s opening minutes they are working on a murder/missing person case. i feel safe in saying it doesn’t take a detective to figure that the Grimm story for this particular case is derived from Little Red Riding Hood but i’m not going to say more than that because as i said earlier it would spoil the scene’s effect.

Burkhardt’s aunt Marie [yea! Kate Burton] unexpectedly pays him a visit. Marie is terminally ill and has come to reveal the family history to Nick. He is a descendent of the Grimms—yes those Grimms. Just as she’s about to go into more specifics a nemisis attacks. From that point on Burkhardt’s destiny begins to unfold.

All of Grimm’s pilot ep was entertaining but for me the best part was the casting of Tim Bagley. Usually plays sweet & loveable [fans most likely remember him as Larry from Will & Grace]—on Grimm he does a 180—an impressive departure. Also a fun surprise was that Sean Hayes [best known for his portrayal of Will & Grace’s Jack McFarland] is one of Grimm’s executive producers. Good job Mr.Hayes, good job.

my favorite character of NBC’s Grimm is Eddie Monroe, a Blutbad aka ‘Big Bad Wolf’ who assists Nick in tracking the faerie tale bad guys. Through a “strict regimen of diet drugs and Pilates” Eddie is able to curtail his wild canine tendencies. But sometimes he has to step back and let Nick take the lead when he is hormonally predisposed to doing what comes naturally for a wolf.

Grimm airs on NBC Friday nights at 9:00pm eastern. Please check your local listings

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