Terra Nova Review – The Runaway

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On tonights Terra Nova, the guard come across a runaway in the forest just outside the gates, a young girl. Her name is Liem and Taylor remembers her from when she was just “a peanut”. The girl knows of Taylor as the “bad man” and doesnt say much as Dr. Shannon trys to get her to open up and allow her to check her for any issues.

The Shannons agree to take Liem in for the time being until they can find a permant place for her and Josh is told he is to give up his room for her. The sixers show up at the gate having captured 2 of Taylors men in the forest demending they let Liem go. Taylor informs Mira that the girl is free to stay or go of her own will. Mira agrees to let the captives go if Taylor brings Liem out and lets her speak for herself. Jim brings Liem out and she says she wants to stay. Mira says fine, and leaves with the sixers.

Liem is dropped off at school for her first day and just as she is left alone, she takes off. Turns out she broke into the former home of Mira and took a box that was hidden under the floor. It appears the sixers sent Liem to spy and steal something that Mira had left behind. Jim and Wash catch up with Liem and get the box from her before she is able to run off with it. When questioned, she says she doesnt know what it is or why Mira wants it but she has to get it back to her or Mira will hurt her brother Sam. After she lied to everyone to begin with Taylor and the others dont believe her, but Jim does and worries Mira may hurt her brother.

Against Taylors orders, Jim sets out to find Liems brother and manages to get caught in a trap laid by the sixers. While hanging upside-down by his feet, Jim manages to nearly get eaten before the sixers show up to take Shannon to Mira. When Shannon awakes from the knock out he recieved he finds himself high up in the trees and Mira looking at him. Mira says she sees now why Taylor is so fond of him. Mira explains that Taylor pissed off some big and powerful people in 2149 and they want him dead. Her mission is to see that he dies and in return she will get to see her daughter again. Jim trys to say Taylor kept Terra Nova going, but Mira stops him by saying he has no idea what Terra Nova is really about, and says he will soon find out. Mira never intended to hurt Sam but needed the job done. She lets Jim go along with Sam and Liem reunites with Sam.

As Jim leaves the infirmary, Taylor asks him what Mira said, and Jim decides not to tell Taylor anything with the exception of Miras hate towards him, something he says he already knows.


This episode by far is the best of the series. It gives us an advancement of the underlying plot and some very intense scenes of fighting and laughs. (i.e. Where Jim tells Josh to stop talking ). We get a deeper look at Mira and Taylor and we start to wonder who is the bad guy and who is “they” from 2149 who seem to have so much influence 85 million years into the past. The episode ended with a touching moment where Liem runs up to Jim and gives him a big hug. Actor Jason Omara (Jim) said it on twitter during the show and I have to agree, that Liem reminds me of Newt from Aliens.

I give this episode an A+.

Robert Prentice