Terra Nova Review – What Remains

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Tonight I am going to split my review up into 4 categories from tonights episode. The show had a main plot which was people losing their memories and regressing, but its “What Remains” that leaves us a little more about the main story that we have yet to learn.

Genetic Experiments

Tonight an outpost setup away from Terra Nova hasn’t checked in for 3 days and Commander Taylor and Dr. Shannon head out to find out why. Upon getting there they discover a virus of some kind is causing memory loss and with enough time coma. A day passes without any further communication from the outpost and Jim decides to recruit Malcolm to come with him to the outpost to find out what is going on. All they know is that Commander Taylor ordered a Quarintine. Jim and Malcolm are met with mixed reaction from Liz: She shoots Jim and hugs Malcolm. She has regressed to college and in her mind hasnt met Jim yet.

Before too long Malcolm starts forgetting too and Jim runs into Taylor. More like Taylor kicks the crap out of Jim thinking hes in some mind game created by the Somali. Jim hurries to get Liz back on track to find a cure before Taylor makes it back to Terra Nova and infects everyone. But what she cant figure out is why Jim is the only one not showing signs of the virus. Its because he is sick with a cold. The cold is preventing this genetic virus from working. She says she can make a cure but must hurry and Jim has a faster way of curing her, with A BIG OLD KISS. Soon after, Taylor and the others are okay with the help of the new anti-virus created by Liz.

The memory lost idea is not new to SciFi but Terra Nova approachs it with a fresh face. They stage it slowly and focus each persons memory loss on a key and important moment in their past. This at the same time gives us more insight into each character and their history allowing us to better understand where they are going and where they came from.

Budding Love

What is SciFi without a little teen angst and love? Josh is still upset over how he left things with his girl friend in the future and he has feeling for Skye at the same time. Skye held up her end on the gutiar and he plays it to the enjoyment of the others and Sky. But she sees he is still upset over his girlfriend and offers him a possible solution to the problem.

Secrets and traders

She takes him to the bartender who offers Josh a job in exchange for buying his girlfriend a trip to Terra Nova. The real question is here, we know the bartender is the inside man, but how does Skye play into this and Mira has her own ideas for Josh, but will it mean his life or his fathers?

Check a Sneak Peek for next week.


Robert Prentice