Terra Nova Review – Versus

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Commander Taylor versus Jim Shannon.

This week Boland is interrogated by Taylor to find out who in Terra Nova is communicating with the sixers. Josh is concerned that nobody has seen Boland for days and Jim goes to check on Taylor and Boland. Boland wont take so Taylor leaves and just before Jim does, Boland tells Jim in a delirious state about a tree, the pilgrims tree and a body that is buried there. Jim goes and in fact does find a body and the tree was the play Taylor lived until Terra Nova was built. Jim soon realizes Taylors secret and takes the body to his wife to determine who the body belongs to.

Taylor’s team out in the field is ambushed by Mira and Taylor pushes even harder to find the spy within Terrra Nova. Maddy swats a dragonfly and discovers a microchip on its leg. With further anaylsis Malcolm determines its a pre-historic version of a homing pigeon and thats how Mira is communicating back and forth. Later he finds the frequency that Mira is using to call the bug back and forth and tells Taylor he is ready to let it go so they can find the spy. They do and follow it back to an unexpected home, The Shannons.

While watching the pageant being put on about Taylors finding of Terra Nova, they realized the one armed body they had was the general, Taylors commander, that they watched portrayed in the pageant, with 1 arm. It didnt take Jim long to figure out why Taylor would have done that and Taylor walks up to arrest Shannon as a spy to the sixers. Once inside the cell, Jim calls Taylor out for the murder and Taylor tells him the story.

Taylors son was a genius and upon his arrival to Terra Nova, was not on Taylors side. He was on the side of those who wanted Taylor out of the way. His son was sent there to figure out a way for the portal to go back to 2149 to allow for the future to suck every last resource out of Terra Nova for use in the future. Taylor wasnt about to let that happen and caught his son doing the research and destroyed all of his research. He then follows his son into the forest and watches the general appear from the portal, an unscheduled use of the portal. He was there to relieve the commander of his duties and Taylor refused. The general told him there were bigger players in this and he needed to step aside, upon refusal the general attempted to kill Taylor, but Taylor shot first.

Taylor spares his sons life, but his son vowed to make it happen and make the portal work both ways and complete the mission he and the sixers were sent to do. Taylor kept this secret because if it ever came out that Terra Nova was a lie from the start, people would give up. Its also the reason he faked Jims arrest by planting a beacon in his home that would attract the dragonfly.

But the question remains, who is the spy in Terra Nova?

Robert Prentice