Falling Skies Christmas Contest

WINNERS SELECTED: Meredith Jacobs & Elphabafreak4


Falling Skies has a contest under way to win a trip to the set of Falling Skies Season 2. So we thought why not add to that with a contest of our own. Below are 2 ways to enter our contest to win a copy of the Dark Horse Comics Falling Skies Prequel Comic and the SDCC Comic Con Collectors Falling Skies Pin set.

The first way to enter, and earn you an entry is to finish the sentence from these quotes taken from Season 1 of Falling Skies. Simply post the completed quote on this page to earn an entry. Each correct quote earns you an entry. Now we are really testing your memory!

“Its not like your thinking, at least not the way you normally do,its more like someone is thinking with you…..After the harness it wasnt so bad….in some bazrro way i think the skitters actually cared about us, they werent ________, they were ________” by ________

“Why dont you take one and get out of here. Whats your problem? Im not standing in line with this ________” 2nd mass member

“Shouldnt I, you know, take a stance? You’re not __________ honey, just lookin to protect yourself.” Maggie and Dr. Glass

“After a couple of months its as comfortable as a _______, dont leave home without it” By ___________

“How can you eat their food?” by _______ to _________

Second way to enter is caption a photo for us too! Below is an exclusive photo posted by Sarah Carter (Maggie) showing her in a room full of kids. Simply post a comment on this page with your caption!



Contest starts Dec 15th and ends Dec 22nd. Winner will be chosen by the Threeifbyspace staff and announced on this page. Good luck and watch out for those skitters.

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