Once Upon A Time Review – That Still Small Voice

This week’s episode started off with a bit of a bang – literally. After Emma accepted the position of becoming the Deputy in Storybrooke, an earthquake hits, opening up one of the old abandoned mines underneath the city. Of course, this has to be part of the curse being broken – or at least Henry wants Emma to see things his way. Regina has had enough and blackmails Doctor Hopper into telling Henry that the fairy tales he believes in are just an illusion. Henry is going to prove everyone wrong by going into the mines and finding … well, something we’re not quite sure.

In the fairy tale world, we get to see the somewhat disturbing back story of Jiminy. Raised by two corrupt and scheming gypsies, Jiminy feels that what his parents are doing is wrong. They steal and cheat the good, unsuspecting people of the realm, and Jiminy wants no part of it. But they are his parents after all. While dropping off some of goods to Rumpelstiltskin (apparently taking his cut), Jiminy accepts the use of magic in the form of a potion to “take care of” his parents.

Emma and Regina both are desperate to find Henry. Doctor Hopper arrives and enters the tunnel, feeling that it’s his fault Henry was so angry. Henry has found a piece of glass but concedes he hasn’t found anything of importance with regards to the curse. As they are about to leave the tunnel, a second cave in traps them further. An explosive with the purpose of blowing open a hole further complicates their situation.

Jiminy participates in one final scam of a small family, offering them some “elf tonic” to protect them against the plague. Angrily, he throws the potion at his parents after they leave, only to have them reveal they pulled a double switch on him. The bottle he gave the family was actually the potion he had meant for his parents. Distraught, he enters the home and finds the couple turned into puppets. Their son enters, distraught at his parents’ plight.

Thankfully for Doctor Hopper, his dalmatian Pongo (a clever Disney reference) can sense where his master is miles under the earth. Emma makes a brave rescue by lowering herself down and then bringing up Henry and Archie. Doctor Hopper tells Regina that he will not follow her orders with regards to his therapy; he hints that a custody battle may begin soon and that he will hold the key, being the child’s psychologist. It will be interesting to see if this be the “final battle” that we’ve been looking forward to. The town celebrates the rescue with plenty of alcohol; all that was missing was the fireworks. Back in town, Mary Margaret has been spending time with David, though she knows he’s a married man, and finally turns in her resignation letter at the hospital in order make a break from him. Good thing next week will be focusing more on Prince Charming!

The Blue Fairy finally makes an appearance, as Jiminy wishes upon a star. She grants him his wish (sadly she could not restore the couple), and Jiminy becomes a cricket with his goal to protect the little boy who lost his parents – Gepetto. In an interesting move, Jiminy Cricket does not speak English but has subtitles, something that felt more Star Wars than Disney. Finally Jiminy can be the honest little cricket he’s always wanted to be.

Back in Storybrooke, Mr. Gold has the puppets of Gepetto’s parents in his pawnshop, just as Regina still has the garden gnome she turned to stone. And Regina found the piece of glass from Henry and drops it deep into the mine. That little piece of glass falls all the way down the shaft – landing next to Snow White’s glass coffin.

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