Once Upon a Time Review – The Shepard

It’s a happy day in Storybrooke: David is returning home. At least, it would be a happier day if he was returning to his real wife, Mary Margaret (Snow White). The town has gathered to celebrate David’s return, but David is only interested in visiting with Emma and Henry. Kathryn (David’s wife) has become close friends with Regina. This of course should set off warning bells to everyone invovled. David escapes the party and visits with Mary Margaret, who is determined to resist his charms, reminding David that he’s married.

In the fairy tale realm, Prince Charming defeats some sort of giant, winning the admiration of King Midas. King George’s country is apparently in need of gold, so it is decided that Charming will slay the dragon in Midas’ country. Unfortunately, Charming is pierced through the heart by the giant he had thought he killed. King George is furious; Rumplestiltskin arrives (as often happens when bad things are brewing) and reveals that the son he “procured” for George has a twin brother. This twin, a farmer living with his mother, is the one who will slay the dragon.

Mary Margaret gets a dose of bad news herself when she is visited by the lame doctor she previously had gone on a date with (he spent the time checking out Ruby, the waitress), followed by a frigid visit from Regina who threatens Mary to stay away from David. Later that day, David arrives at school, asking her to meet him at the bridge where she found him.

Frederick, now pretending to be Prince James, is taken with his knights to slay the dragon. When all of his knights are killed, he uses a trick learned while herding sheep to trap the dragon and slay it, proving his courage and valor. Midas, though, was not planning on giving the kingdom riches; rather, he is looking forward to the union of his daughter Abigail, to Prince James.

Sheriff Graham asks Emma to cover for him during the evening, as he will be volunteering at an animal shelter (warning alarms should be going off). He bribes her with donuts. Mary Margaret visits and Emma encourages her to meet David at the bridge; after all, David has no memory and has left his wife to be with her. On his way to the bridge, Regina misleads David and sends him to Mr. Gold’s pawnshop. There, he sees a windmill Kathryn had mentioned earlier and has a flicker of memory come back.

Frederick visits his mother for one last time and she gives him her ring, the one that was so important to get back from Snow White in Snow Falls. As he travels with Abigail, we see Snow White watching them and preparing for her assault.

When David arrives at the bridge, he tearfully tells Mary Margaret that he cannot be with her as he now remembers Kathryn. Insert booing here. While Emma is on night duty, she sees what appears to be a burglar exiting Regina’s house. She catches Sheriff Graham red-handed and he finally confesses to his relationship with the mayor. While entirely expected, it still stings watching Emma’s realization that Henry was in the house. The slimely doctor again shows up to talk with Mary Margaret and she appears to be at least giving him a second chance. Insert more booing here.

The trailer at the end of the episode left me feeling more excited: someone (probably Sheriff Graham) will begin to remember the previous life in the Enchanted Forest. Also someone will die (and I’m rooting for Regina to kill Graham).

With all the questions this show poses, the big one I have is: will this turn into Lost and go for another five seasons? I’d like to see Storybrooke’s curse lifted a bit sooner than in 2017.

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