Terra Nova Season 1 Finale – Occupation/Resistance

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At $42 million for the final 2 hours of Terra Nova, fox pulled out all the stops to finish the season up with a feature film style throw down of all the best action to date this season. Many may say it came too late to save the show for season 2 or that there wasn’t enough dino action, but while i can agree on the dino side of things, i think the finale 2 hours were not only the best of the show both in plot and character development but the mystery’s left to us for season 2, almost guarantees a second season with rich story lines and deep plots. Now the decision is in the hands of fox to make the push to renew the show. Given the amount of money spent, we think that will likely happen.


The first hour, aptly named occupation starts us off with a suicide bomber at the portal and results in Jim being knocked out for a good 3 days and waking up to a nightmare, the colony is occupied and they are hostages to this paid mercenary army from 2149. Jim plays dumb and deaf for a while to fool Lucas and Mira into thinking he will be of no help to them. Jim manages to sneak out with the help of Malcolm and others to meet commander Taylor and plan their next move. There Jim and Taylor learn of Lucas’s plan to use a type of napalm bomb to wipe out the nearby valley of all live in order for them to stripe mine it. They wont have any of it and move in to disarm the bomb as the troops move away from it. They are seen and Lucas and the troops move out as quick as they can to try to blow the bomb before it can be disarmed, but his father is a bit quicker then he thinks and we see Lucas visibly pissed off.

What i loved about Lucas’s little curse laden scream is that this wasn’t the whining we have seen of him trying to get back at his father, this was a real pissed off moment for him and it set the tone for the rest of the show. After that the next chapter began to unfold and those inside the colony began to resist. Malcolm was slow to repair the portal, Wash and Josh used the bar to gain intel from drunk army guys and Jim put locator beacons on the trucks so Taylor and the others could track and take down all moving trucks.


There is always a price to pay for fighting back and Terra Nova was no exception to that. At the bar, Lucas sat drinking away when Josh came up to pour him some more to drink. Lucas knew he was a Shannon and poked fun at his “lose” (of Kara) and Skye came in and was seated across from Lucas. Lucas looks at her like a sister, given his father was so taken to her. He has “forgiven” her for previously ratting him out to Taylor but now, being somewhat drunk he is hitting on her. That was all it took and for the first time we see Josh blind side Lucas in the face and take a few more punches at him before he is restrained by a few guards. Skye runs off to find Jim and Lucas begins whaling on Josh. By the time Jim shows up, he is beat pretty hard and Lucas is about to “make an example” out of him. Jim lays into Lucas and about half of the guards in the bar. Both are taken to the Brigg.

With Skyes help, Josh is released and Lucas begins to torture Jim for information on where his father is at. Mrs. Shannon uses Weavers own hypochondriac nature to convince him she has poisoned him and he must release Jim or she wont give him the antidote. Of course he believes her and gets it done, but not before she gives him a sedative knocking him out and the Shannons get ready to leave Terra Nova.

Saddest Moment of the Night

As the Shannons try to leave the alarm is sounded. While they hide, Wash shows up. She managed to steal a remote from a drunk solider and was able to disarm the fence long enough for them to leave, but she had to stay behind. Before she ran to distract the guards, she told Shannon to remind Taylor of an operation the two did back in the day. She is caught as she runs through the camp and the Shannons escape into the woods where Taylor is waiting. Taylor and Jim watch as Wash is put in front of Lucas who points a gun and says she has 3 seconds to tell him where his father is. Just before he gets to three she says “You know, you have your fathers eyes” and Lucas shoots. Wash was a great character and its sad to see her go but she left the way we would expect her to, defiant to the end.

If we can’t have it, nobody can

Jim passed along Washs last statement and Taylor knows what must be done. She mentioned an operation her and Taylor were in where the only choice was to destroy the bridge that would have let them off an island in order to keep the odds at 2 to 1, rather than 3 to 1. This means they must destroy hope plaza and prevent reinforcements from coming through. They decide to use the disarmed bomb from earlier and Jim is the one who will go through the portal to 2149 to set it off.

Several of Taylors men dressed up as the enemy and hijacked Lucas’s cargo bound for 2149 and put something in it along with Jim. When they arrive to 2149, Weaver talks about all the riches that await all of them and prepares to show them the item located in the bad lands by Mira. Jim uses the needle given to him by his wife and we find out just what was in there with Jim, a dino. This reminded me a lot of Jurassic Park as the dino went on an eating rampage. I guess you can’t blame the thing, being stuffed in that cargo holder and all. Jim runs off with the bomb and prepares to set it. He does run into some gun fire along the way but nothing he can’t handle.

With the bomb set it runs for his life and just before getting to the portal, he is stopped by Weaver with a gun pointed at him. But again in true Jurassic Park style, the dino steps into focus and eats Weaver and goes after Jim. After a short run Jim makes it back through to Terra Nova alive and well. Meanwhile Skye reports that Lucas escaped custody and would be heading towards the portal. Taylor stops him in his tracks and they fight it out.

Just when we think Lucas might be forgiving to his father and they hug, Lucas stabs him with a knife and goes for the kill. But not before Skye pumps him full of lead. She helps Taylor up to get him to camp and they look to find Lucas gone, he isn’t dead. Back at the portal Mira shows up ready to head back to 2149 and is told they can’t. Hope Plaza is gone and they are stuck here forever. Someones going to be a bit pissed!

Season 2 Mystery revealed

Boland tells Taylor the troops have left and the camp is abandoned. All the troops return happy and victory in hand. But everyone is wondering why they left the camp and why they headed north to the bad lands. Jim and Taylor decide to look at the cargo that was supposed to be from the bad lands and see what was in it. What they find is an 18th century ship mast. The question is how did it get to this time and what else is in the badlands?

Tender  moment

Another tender moment was the youngest Shannon child Zoe, who went up to Taylor and told him that “Wash was a nice lady and she taught her how to build a fire”. She gives Taylor a hug and says if he ever needs another hug to just ask.

By far the best episode of the season with some of the best character and plot building and the setup for season 2, should they renew it, will be awesome.

Robert Prentice