Underworld: Awakening – The Death Dealer Returns!

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Selene Poster

From what we know so far, we’re picking up twelve years after Underworld: Evolution. Selene has been in a cold sleep all that time, apparently being used as a research subject. During the time that Selene was asleep, the humans have become aware of both races and are working to eradicate the Vampire and Lycan plagues’. When Selene awakens and escapes, she finds a young Vampire/Lycan Hybrid girl named Eve. One might speculate that she may be Selene and Michael’s daughter… But honestly, that seems the obvious choice. It would be great if they throw us a curve ball, but we’ll have to wait until January to see. Also, Michael (who some are speculating to be Eve’s daddy) is apparently missing, and Selene will more than likely find herself hunting for him. However, with the humans closing in on destroying both the Vampire and Lycan bloodlines, she definitely has bigger things to worry about… Like extra large ‘you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry’ Hulk-size Lycans, for example.

In the process of this human/Vampire/Lycan war, I hope we get to see more new anti-Vampire and anti-Lycan weaponry, because I loved the creative and kickass weapons in the first two movies, and I would love to see what humans think are viable ideas for killing immortal creatures. Will we see something even more devastating than bullets loaded with silver nitrate or UV fluid? I’m looking forward to finding out!

But let’s talk creatures. It’s been a wild ride for Vampires in these past ten years, especially considering how the vamps of all the various series that have come out since the first Underworld compare to Selene and her brethren. Some look like monsters from your darkest nightmares. Others twinkle like gems in the sunlight. Even Werewolves/Lycans have seen some interesting changes. Some go through painful, slow morphs from human to wolf creature and back. Other, more buff individuals run around shirtless with 24 pack abs and change over instantly into cuddly looking wolves about the size of a steroid-injected grizzly bear. So, will the creatures of Underworld still find a viewership amongst the watchers of the ‘new age’ critters? I certainly hope so.

But I swear to you, if Selene sparkles for any reason aside from how the light hits her ever-so-flattering bodysuit, I’m leaving.

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~ Diesel, Member of Team Selene