An Inside Look: Set Design Falling Skies Season 2 Behind The Scenes

Turner Broadcasting (TNT) and MAP Marketing pulled out all the stops to bring a dozen contest winners and fans from around the world; including those from Spain, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Mexico as well as the US, to visit the Falling Skies Season 2 set. Six bloggers and social media influencers were also invited to the set and we were among those 6. During our trip we were shown the finale episode of Season 1 again and had a special guest to view with us, none other than Peter Shinkoda (Dai).

It was interesting to re-watch this episode, especially for Peter as he had not seen the final cut of the CGI for the finale yet. It also gave us a fresh mindset for going into the set visit the following day and to refresh where we left the 2nd Mass in the story and where they might be going in Season 2.

Upon arrival to the first of 2 sets, we are greeted by our guide for the day Connor Jessup (Ben Mason) as well as a video camera crew, who were taping the event for TNT purposes.

When looking around the set you get the feeling that the 2nd mass is not in Boston anymore. We know that from the last episode of Season 1 of Falling Skies that the 2nd Mass was on the move, leaving the school and heading off to anyplace away from there. We see crumbled buildings and burnt out cars from the invasion itself.


The set is very real from the front, but just behind it is nothing. These buildings did not have back walls and were not solid, real structures. The set designers did an excellent job, as you can view below.

To top off the excellent design, was the art work put into some of the mural work that was done. Here is a picture below of some American history.


Stay tuned for part 2 of our trip on Friday where we will look in depth at Skitters and the SFX master behind them Todd Masters, linked below. Checkout more of our set photos below and video with Connor Jessup.

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