Falling Skies Season 2 Set Visit – Vancouver 2012

Falling Skies is currently well under way at production of season 2 and we have kept you up to date on all the behind the scenes photos and news coming from the set.  At the end of January will be giving you an even closer look at falling skies season 2 and the set in Vancouver. TNT doesn’t want to keep all the surprises to themselves and we don’t want to keep the surprises to ourselves either.

Three If By Space was invited along with a select few fans from around the world to visit the set on Vancouver at the end of January. Our good friend Kimberly at WormholeRiders News Agency was also invited and we cannot wait to meet up in Vancouver and get all the spoilers for you fans. We are very excited at the opportunity to meet the entire cast and crew and to get a behind the scenes look at how all of the production is done, and get a sneak peek of what is to come with season 2 at the hands of Remi (the director).

We want to hear from you. What do you want to know about season 2 of falling skies? Leave comments and tell us what you are most excited to hear about and what questions you would like us to ask. In fact, if we get to ask your question, your question and answer will be posted on our site and you could win a Falling Skies SDCC Collectors Pin Set. How cool is that?

We promise to post pictures during our trip and keep you up to date on twitter when we can. Remember to stay tuned here and on TNT for Falling Skies and watch us for all the updates coming out of season 2 production and look for season 2 to air Summer 2012. The trip is Jan 26th to 29th. A total of 15 fans worldwide have been invited.

Follow our set visit by reading these articles.

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