Falling Skies Set Visit – Skitter Unit


Who says skitters don’t work hard? Our first visit to the set today was to the 2nd unit, or skitter unit where scenes focused on the green aliens were being filmed with director Greg Beeman. Our guide for the trip was Connor Jessup and we explored the set design here and got an inside look at a scene in season 2. I can’t share what it was about, but hold on to your seats because season 2 is going to be wild.

The man inside the skitter suit is known on set as one of the hardest working guys. The suits are very heavy and hot and require a lot of work. This year they have no pre-built set stage or single location. The word is the 2nd mass is on the constant move and there are places all over Vancouver that scenes are shot from.


Did you know that each actor has not just a stunt double but a photo double too? Here we see Connors photo double and chat with Connor about the development of his character Ben and what we can expect. What we can tell you is to expect more power, more strength and a darker feel to the new season.


Watching Greg Beeman work is amazing. This is a guy who is very passionate about his work and loves to share everything with the fans. He loves spoilers and I can tell you to expect a lot of what you wanted and more of what you didn’t expect. It was amazing to see how everything is put together to complete a full image on screen. It’s not a cut and dry deal at all. Dont miss our other set visit photos and posts.

Falling Skies Set Visit – Season 2 Set Design

Falling Skies Skitter Unit – Upclose and Personal with a Skitter

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