The Anatomy of Doctor Who – A look at the Doctors of Doctor Who

The import from over the pond has become a huge hit in the US. Doctor Who spans a huge era starting back in the 1963 with over 784 episodes to date. From generation to generation there has been a new doctor to greet us and keep us wondering that very question that to this day has not been answered:

Doctor Who?

Doctor Who holds the Guinness Word Record for longest running Science Fiction TV show in the world and as the most successful series of all time for Sci Fi. Its no surprise that anyone from the UK would remember the show growing up as it has been a staple for BBC over 50 years. The popularity in the US has not been nearly as strong up until the past few years when the popularity got so strong that Series 6 had visits to the US built into the story with the tag line for the new series “The Doctor Comes to America”.

The question has been posed in the past and we are going to bring you our choice of the best doctor of the modern series (2005 – current) and ask for your vote on who your favorite is. We will finish our series with 2 more looks at the doctors companions and top 3 villains/monsters of the modern series. We rank the 3 doctors and tell you who we think is the best one to date. Then vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post.

3. Christopher Eccleston – 2005-2005


The first doctor of the modern series (ninth overall), he was first introduced to us as a somewhat cold and mysterious person. His first companion Rose, played by Billie Piper, meets him at work when she is attacked by living plastic (yes living plastic!). His signature look was a leather jacket and a cocky personality that at times left you wondering why he was so pissed at the world. He was one of the coldest of the 3 doctors for the modern series. What did you think of the ninth doctor?

2. Matt Smith – 2010 – Present

Many will argue that Matt is the best doctor to date, but I am still having a hard time with him. When we first meet the new doctor, he is the youngest one we have had to date. In fact it is true that with each incarnation he has gotten younger. He is quick-tempered but never overly forceful. His signature look was a tweed jacket, a bowtie and his signature food of “fish fingers and custard”. In the first series for the new doctor he pairs up with Amy Pond a girl he kept waiting after leaving her at a young age. This younger doctor struggles to get away from his goofy and often times silly personality and has few moments of pure darkness. In the last series before the current break the doctor goes to war against the worlds in an effort to gain back Amy and her baby. However, the doctors personality never really left us to feel like he was angry, in fact Rory showed more anger during the series then the doctor. Whats your thoughts on Matt Smith?

1. David Tennant – 2005-2010

The longest running doctor of the modern series and our pick as the best of the doctors to date. David Tennant’s signature look was hair with a flip in the front that seemed to defy gravity and a jacket and tie. His favorite line was “What?”. He seemed to find nearly 100 different ways to say that line and it made you smile every time. David has many companions during his 5 year run and was possibly the darkest soul of the bunch. We all know the doctors history and that is bound to give someone a black spot or 30 on their soul for having destroyed 2 entire races (time lords and Dalieks). David was able to display a very angry and vengeful side on many occasions and his companions had to stop him. It became a signature role of redemption for the doctor that Donna Noble pointed out to him. The doctor needed someone with him to stop him. David was also one of the most passionate of the doctors to date, Doomsday being one of his signature episodes at the start of his long run. What do you think?

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Vote for your favorite doctor and comment below with your thoughts and if your favorite doctor isnt listed, tell us who your favorite is! Stay tuned for part 2 of our review of Doctor Who, when we take a look at the doctors companions and let you vote on who your favorite was or is.

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